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  1. Hey Cobie are you referring to quick turn into a corner? or quick turn mid corner? I find it hard to turn the bike sharper or quicker while mid corner and on the throttle
  2. Ive heard Rossi say he does not really know why he's hanging his foot off, just that it feels better under extreme braking. Why is it that we dont see the WSBK riders doing it? My opinion is that the technology has surpassed the human body. The modern day MotoGP bike brakes harder excellarate faster and well does things way past what the human body can handle for 20+ laps. I mean ive heard that they have to have surgery on their hands to relieve the pressure on their muslce or such (might have this wrong). NO, i am convinsed that those bikes are becoming a bit of a handfull for the human flesh.
  3. As for me not to get my knee down as everyone would expect me to say LOL but, smoothness into a corner through it and out of it. If i can slide off the bike for a corner to get my body positioning right without a slight wiggly from the bike right through to where i exit the turn and bring the bike upright again. Then id have to say smooth throttle control with on time gear shifting and then braking is my last factor. I hope ive got what you asking here?
  4. Dont worry i can Bend it like Beckham, LOL
  5. SO basically what you saying is that i will find it difficult because of my height? Im 6ft3inch i think, 1.89m in total.
  6. Its definately the street that i am reffering to. We have this very nicely tarred double lane'd one way and double laned opposite way shortish mountain pass where one can get your knee down i assume. Its here where i have practised. Also on my way to work and home there is this piece of road with 3 gorgeous fast turns where i am sure one can get your knee down, but i think it will take a brave man to do this. As you know i ride everyday with my bike. Ive only once ridden on a track.
  7. Hey Taras if that is you in your Avatar then without out a shadow of a doubt that is my body position to the Tee. Except i really dont get down that low i think. Ive allways ridden with my body hanging off the side of the bike, allmost Jamie Witham and Ben Spies style but that is just probably in my mind. The following is how i take a corner, after reading Twist 2 and watching instructional vidz on Youtube. Let say left hand corner: 1. Ass cheek off and my butt crack is aligned with the edge of the seat closes to the ground. 2. Allmost standing on both my feet, this helps with switching from left to right easier and keeps the weight of the bike in the centre, not front or back. 3. WHen i switch over from left to right or coming out of the turn i use my knee that is touching hte tank to pull myself back into the seat. the bike then does not wiggle about. 4. my hands are super light on the bars, many a time have they moved about while im on the power and i let tehm do what they need to do. 5. i push my knee out but dont force it, ive pushed it out so much one day that my muscles on the inside hurt. THat just did not seem right. If you look at hte picture to the left of the California superbike school logo on the top of the page then i dont even put my head on the tank like that guy is doing. My head will be allmost next to the handlebars. I sometimes adjust my upper body slightly to get it into that position closer to the road. So i just out of waht i explained cannot understand that i have not been able to touch the road with my knee. As Cobie asked earlier when leaning off the bike i kinda stand on the pegs and my hands i can take of the bars and i will not fall over or forward. This i know for a fact cause after every great turn i think about how i entered it and how i exited it. Was i following what Keith Code said or did i do my own thing.
  8. Hey thx for the detailed answers. I really appreciated it. Well to be honest that is not me on my Avatar but rather the Legend Freddie Spencer. I am glad actually that you commented on it. I was meaning many a time to ask opinions about his body positioning in that pic.
  9. WOW man wait on here, im not even contemplating trail braking as it is. THx for the excellent explenation. As it is my suspension feels perfect to be honest. I hardly run wide in a corner and when i do i know excately why and yes its 95% of the time because of Lazy turning (early into a corner) and other percentage cause i gave too much throttle too early in the corner. My question was best answered by Bullet in his last post. But what you said just confirms me that when it does come down to suspension settings i need the professionals help and for that i know excately who to take it to. Thx for answers guys.
  10. SO getting one's knee down is really to be a guage for one self as to how far you can still go until you push your bike to far over? Something that i should not worry about at all? I know excately how it sounds, it sounds like a little kid stubbornly wanting something and will not rest until its done, but fact is i dont want it to be a MUST do thing, but rather is it neccesary to do? type of thing. I mean i constantly ask myself what is it that drives me to go fast into a turn, go fast on the bike, why do i ride a motorbike in the first place etc...and why do i sometimes feel that i have to win or atleast be a close second if i am racing someone somewhere? Apologies for gettin so philosophical Thx for info.
  11. Ive gone back to Page29 and re read it and it make sense but ... i dont know if my brain is fried or if im just overloaded with info. I thought about it and what you said and still sitting with this one question. When you brake and off the throttle, turn into the turn point, for those few seconds you have the bike dipping into the turn point/corner surely here you cannot apply any throttle on? surely here you must be loading the front more than the rear? WHy i say this is cause i did feel this at one turn where i use to lazy turn into it, but on this given day deliberately braked later and turned in later. I could feel the weight and pressure on the front, and it just scared me honestly. The bike was handling it perfectly and nothing gave way or slipped but it just felt like i was pushing the front. HOW do i translate this feeling to anyone, so that they can tell me that its either normal/correct or that i was playing with fire here and doing things wrong? Did you find what I meant, and it made sense? If there is any consolation for you my friend, we've all got lots to learn. Being a coach is just a step on the journey of learning. We're constantly adding more to the info bank, and you just keep working at it. I've read twist at least 12 times, and I still learn things. I think if you probably asked Keith, Cobie et al, they'd tell you they're still picking up things as they go as well, and they've been riding for a long old time. ( ). Bullet
  12. Im still scratching my head as to how low and fast i must go to get my knee to scrape?
  13. Funny thing with me is that im nervous and a little bit scared of going onto a track with my everyday use bike. Ive heard of guys writing their bikes off on the track by getting too confident or someone else rear ending them. On the road i feel safer if that is possible at all. Specially love it when its raining, just means you have to really concentrate on your riding and have a good throttle control all the time, and keep it super smooth. I love it alot!
  14. mmm, and i thought i read Twist 2 well enough. Honestly even reading a hundred times i still have so many question. So many things i think i understand but dont. I seriously need help. Im not saying this cause i feel unsafe or riding myself scared here, i just WANT/NEED to know the best way to ride fast/safely.
  15. Lean off too far? How can that not get ones knee down? Id say that I tend to lean off too much (novice way id say). I know i dont turn my body in a la moto x style, cause my head is past my inside mirror and way past my inside hand. You nail it down right there, i need personal advice someone to see what i do or dont do. Cant wait to do a CSS day.
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