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  1. Hey Taras, welcome mate, sounds like you've got some nice bikes. Are you doing the track day at Eastern creek on the 11th July? If so might see you there.. I'll be on my TRX 850.
  2. Gold star for Kevin. What title did he win after the 250 title? CF World Super bike in 1997 before he returned to 500cc Grand prix?
  3. Hey Dids, Welcome mate, I haven't done any of the stay upright courses so can't advise you on comparisons between the two but I doubt doing the level one CSS will be a step back (I had a ball). Do you intend doing your course in August? If so I might see you out there.
  4. Hey Adam, I attended the last level one school you guys held here in June at Eastern Creek, and can't tell you how much it improved my riding. I joined the forum the next day and I seem to learn something new each time just by reading other member's questions and articles. Can't wait to do level two in August. So from one aussie to another welcome to the forum mate.
  5. G'day spooky, unsure if I can make it to Oran park, but if I do come out for a look I will definately come and say Hello. I'm looking to do the next track day at Eastern creek on the 11th of July.
  6. Hey Dave, before I did level one I thought I was a pretty good rider (20 Years experience) but to be honest I was a very average rider with 20 years of practising bad habits. What level one did for me was help eliminate alot of my bad habits and simplify cornering. I used to be way to busy when cornering and I used to trail brake too often (rear brake). Now I concentrate more on correct entry speed and throttle control during cornering and also my coach pointed out how tense my upper body was, so now I try to be more aware of my body posture and relaxing my grip on the bars.
  7. Cheers for all the words of welcome folks, much appreciated
  8. Yeah, its a pretty decent track, we also have Phillip Island about 1000 Kilometers south of us which is where they race Moto GP and World Superbikes in Australia.
  9. hey hey....great to hear from someone down there far away...is Eastern Creek in AU?? (I know totally ignorant american lol) Anyway it is good to hear that CSS seems to be great no matter where u do it lol... I have done I-IV and a redo of LVL 4 'and have had a blast and learned so mcuh.....you will love lvl 2... steve Hey Steve thanks for the welcome mate,Yep Eastern Creek is just outside of Sydney. Hoping to do level 2 in August and squeeze in a few track days before then. If you click on the link and scroll down the page you can see what it is like to ride there. Eastern Creek race track
  10. Heya Everyone, I just completed level 1 of the superbike school yesterday at Eastern Creek, and can't wait to do level 2, I've been riding for many years but yesterday I felt my cornering skills improved 100 per cent from just one day at the school. I ride a yamaha TRX 850 and also a ZX9R Ninja which I have modified into a street fighter.
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