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  1. Well, I felt pretty confident with the Q2 and DTC while doing Level 1,2,3 at CSS...Ill try the Ntec, and as you mention Ill observe my self and see...With your comments I have a fundation to trust the Ntec or 211-DTC marriage in my bike...from there lets see how it goes...
  2. Steve will have to help you on the slicks, and for all racer's needs (east of the Mississippi). I don't know what is the deal for Mexico...Steve? I do business in Texas, and have address there, so ordering has never been a problem for me...I guess maybe Steve can send me a good pair to good old Texas...
  3. Hector, Yes we have use the N-Tec slicks and D211GP on the New BMW. With great success. We have many riders in the Eastern US that use the N-Tec and win races on a BMW. Is DTC traction control? If you are asking if traction control works with N-Tec, the answer is YES. Certainly it does. It should work with any tire. Have you tried it? DTC is traction control, and we have had all kinds of tires from, the Q-2's, to the slicks, to the GP-A's, works great on all. CF Thanks...Steve and Cobie, with those two answers Im pretty confident Im safe riding in those tires with DTC...there is a lot of confusion on this issue in other s1000rr related forums of the DTC firing before or after a slide with not the stock tires...but of those people have nothing near the experience of you two with those tires and bikes. So where do I sign? Need a pair of Ntec´s...
  4. Steve, Thanks for the info... There´s a lot of lack of information regarding if the DTC in the BMW S1000RR works ok when changing tires...do you have any experience in running ntecs on the that bike, either slicks or the 211´s.? Regards, Hector
  5. Hector, We used the Qualifiers, Q-2. CF And Coches where on Ntecs? I ask this because there lot ob doubts about DTC running with Dunlop slicks in other froums, and where better than CSS to know for sure if they work fine with dtc...Guess all coaches run on slicks and slick mode....?
  6. Hi Steve, and welcome! Nice to have someone with your knowledge around here... Fist Question... Im moslty a canyon rider, but next season 2011 ill start racing at club level, here in Monterrey Mexico. We dont have a very good track to say!, I ve seen that everybody around this track uses mostly slicks. We dont have tire rules, you can ride whatever...But some one told me that GP211 UK are mostly Ntec Slicks with groves on them, that seems to me pretty attractive to serve my two needs canyon and track, is this true? Temperatures year round are in the 90 to 105-110F, and a not so grippy track with lots of bumps in it Cobie, I dont recall what model of Dunlops I used while in school, to have a point of reference, could you tell me what they where? Im sticking with dunlops but dont know which will work best for me... Kindest Regards, Hector
  7. The road is more than bad!!!!, but it adds a extra degree of complexity...I have notice that all the guys around here riding those rodes have developed a very good periperal vision and fast reflexes... Adding and extra comment...While doing Level 1,2,3 at Willow..some guys where complaining about some little bumps...I was LOL about that...for me was like traveling in a Japanesse High Speed Magnet Train... Regards, Hector
  8. Here u go... thats front view uphill...
  9. While they exit from a corner? thats the question?
  10. No no no...thats the dealers garage....lol...I told them that as soon it arrived there....they have to let me unpacked...in case not...I will not buy them from them
  11. Well, I had the idea of getting a S1000RR, but in top of that I wanted to assist to CSS to put my butt on top of one, so in October 2010 I did it, Level 1,2,&3 so After that I was 110% convencied of getting one for myself... This saturday my baby black arrived http://www.youtube.com/user/kanankeban?feature=mhum#p/a/u/0/dFJXNTMn3LE Cheers... Hector
  12. This is myself at Willow while doing Level 2
  13. Best road on the World for me...will be any!!!!....LOL...just take a look at my Sunday Ride...anything is better than that, althought you pump your adrenaline, and gain some skills if you survive...
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