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  2. Gentlemen, Since I started riding 3-years ago I've attended a dozen Superbike Schools and two Code Race Schools. Just sold my Aprilia RSV4 Factory and purchased a Yoshimura Suzuki. The bike came with tire warmers, but no generator. Being my first race bike, I've never had a bike with race tires, tire warmers etc. Question is......I understand I need 2,000 watt generator, would prefer not to spend $1,000. Any suggestions where to look, I guess I'm back to squid status for having to ask questions.....the pit crew is now me. Any suggestions would be great. Greg
  3. Cobie, I live in Mill Valley, CA .....Mt. Tamalpais next to me is the birthplace of mountain biking. I do hills behind my house once a week which is combo of downhill, (I crash a lot, at least for dirt bikes and mtn bikes if you don't crash your not riding fast enough) some technical, and bike hills from sea level to 2700ft. I work out at gym 3-4 days and mtn bike once a week to push my self a bit. Try the Downieville Downhhill ride in Downieville (NorCal 50 miles North of Lake Tahoe-----google it) 17 miles downhill, 5,000ft drop of epic trails and drop offs........you would love it. Greg
  4. Thank you for the comments and suggestions........makes sense. Since I've used the Q2's on my past Super Duke and Tuono Factory I'll use on the V4 then, I don't want to have an unsafe condition when riding on the street. As for your question on the BMW and RSV4. Yes I have ridden the BMW at Superbike School, (3) of my friends have them. They leave me a little cold, the bike has a lot of power, yes, but not many people can take advantage of that as the bike has a very hard hit when it hits the power band. The brakes are not that great, suspension is ok, not great. The bike felt heavy to me and was uninspiring, not a fan of inline 4's. The electronics are ok, but you can still crash with it, many racers I've read turn the electronics way down as they can be limiting. For the mases, which would include me they could be good safety net. I had past Superbike School ZX-10 to 6-months, and have ridden most sport bikes. I test rode a CBR-1000RR Honda, then tested the RSV4 right after. The RSV4 blew my mind from the beginning, it feels very compact because it is, very light, ergonomics are brilliant as that was Aprilia's focus, you really feel connected to the bike, your knees slide under tank and you can be light on the bars, feels light riding a 600. With fully adjustable ohlins, brembos, and aluminum wheels, the bike turns just by thinking about it. I have never experienced more confidence in any bike I have ridden, the power is very, very smooth, throttle control very easy, and the engine sounds amazing!!!! One last thing, I've also never ridden a bike that is so easy to go fast on, combo of brilliant egos, suspension, brakes and motor. Go ride the BMW, then ride a RSV4 Factory, then you'll know what best suits you. G-
  5. Just purchased Aprilia RSV4 Factory, have been at Superbike School for 3-years and attended Code Race last October. I'm doing more track days but also use my bike for street group rides. Since I have one bike I'd like to use a tire that can work for track and non-track riding. Have used Q2's in the past and like them very much, the Pirelli Rosa Corse tires on the V4 are already worn after 1-track day and some spirited riding with friends in past two weeks. Using bike at Infineon and Thunder Hill in Northern California, can the D211's provide more performance, do they need tire warmers? Not a good idea for street tires? Your thoughts? Thanks, Greg
  6. Cobie, The Bill Young crew is coming to Infineon........we will have 10-riders each day. Bill just flew in from Dubai tonight, he get's to recoup on Sunday from jet lag, then off to school on Monday. We're both looking forward to school as we haven't been on the track together since Code Race in October...........see you soon. Greg
  7. Thanks Jason, the overall new set up is brilliant!!! glad we made the change, there is so much to learn, unreal. Cobie, As for the cronies, yeah, a bunch of old guys now doubt, but we like to have fun and we enjoy the coaches too......inside we're all very competitive, so when we go to Code Race again in October I want to make sure we're separated, don't want the other guys to know what I'm working on. (Bill crashing wasn't my fault......Will gave me a look.....I said it wasn't me, I was on the other side of the track, Will said "we have to keep you guys separated" kidding of course) Next Code Race we will have four of us, that will be really fun. Pete, good to hear from you, see you in two months. Greg
  8. Cobie, James said to say hello to you and Keith, he worked on one of your bikes in the past is that correct? He's located behind the Giants Stadium in Mission Bay Area, San Francisco. Two more months to April 4-5, can't wait.............Bill Young and 4-5 of our friends will be there. Greg
  9. Cobie, Jason, Visited James Siddall/Superplush Suspension today, by-the-way he said to say hi, I think he is done some work for you and Kieth. My suspension was really off, by a long shot, without typing "war & peace" hear are brief details. After Before Front Pre-load 8-Out 8-Out Front Rebound 11-Out 10 on one fork, 17 on other Front Compression 10-Out 7-Out Rear Pre-load 9-Out 8-Out Rear Rebound - 26 16 Rear Compression -12 11 Front Ride Height - 8mm 4mm Rear Ride Height - 4mm 4mm Front end now turns much better, feels rock solid, now will test. Greg
  10. I believe I may have identified the problem............I have fully adjustable ohlins, front fork felt a little mushy as I mentioned earlier. I contacted James Siddall/Super Plush Suspension in San Francisco, see www.superplushsuspension.com James has worked with the Honda Factory Team, said I have more than likely exceeded the pre-set factory suspension settings. With the front end loosing traction as I gain more speed, the tire patch has reached it's max for the current suspension set up. ( I can only give detail in layman terms, he was speaking a different language) Filled out rider form on his website, and now scheduling appointment to have him turn the suspension..............will keep you posted as to what he said and what we did. The aprilia forum thru AF-1 Racing in Texas has a number of Tuono Factory Race Settings that others around the globe have done with the onlins. Will do my research before seeing James next week. Greg
  11. Ok rode today, just north of Infineon Raceway. 65-70 degrees. I think the issue is the front shocks, the Tuono has fully adjustable Ohlins. Suspension at factory/stock setting, front end is a little too soft/mushy. Aprilia forum states specs for aggresive riding, track riding, which are far from where the bike is today. Out of 300 miles of twisties, and altitude gain of 3,000 ft, the front tire faded only once.......a little on a right hander sweeper at about 70mph. Followed level-4 protocol's ie, left knee to tank, hips, shoulders open to turn, was more up on tank, dropped right elbo to allow body weight to drop inside of bike, light on the grips, bike was leaned over, applied throttle roll-on, all fine.......at end of turn after into 60% of turn felt the front tire slip or (melt) felt more like it. I picked up the bike a bit, and I felt the tire plant a little better..........I wasn't leaned over that far, maybe knee 3-4 inches from pavement. We have local guy who was one of the top Factory Honda mechanics that worked on suspensions, I'll have him look at the bike. He has a big questionaire I need to fill out, then we'll discuss before I bring to him. Your thoughts? Greg
  12. Jason, My input on the bars was consistant I believe, was hanging off and had my pre-turn set up initiated prior to quick-turn. Cobie, --Turned the bike then mid-turn felt a little slide, hands were on the bars, knee to tank and hanging off prior to starting turn, grip was medium on the bars after pushing bars to start the turn. --If I remember correctly I just started throttle roll on just before mid-turn and felt the front slide. --The tires are Pirelli Rossa Corsa, tire wear is even with about 25% of tread left. --Road was dry, about 1pm, 55-60-degrees, no debris, I think one turn was left the other was right, Hope this helps, I did catch myself about 1-2 inches from the tank on a couple of instances, maybe I needed to be up on the tank more with these two turns? Speed was maybe 30mph to 40mph. Thanks - Greg
  13. Coaches, Corner Question: Level-4 Rider, purchased Aprilia Tuono Factory few weeks ago, on Hwy-1 (across Golden Gate Bride) riding today (temp about 55 degrees, roads dry but cool) on two occasions I sensed the front tire pushing out a little on agressive turning. Had bike leaned over when conditions were dry, and no cliffs and had no sliding front tire, but did happen twice out of maybe 500 turns. 1) Maybe I was a little late on throttle, loaded the front tire when mid-turn. 2) Maybe my weight wasn't up on the tank enough, have caught my self a couple times a little back in seat, maybe 1-2 inches from tank. 3) Maybe I am imaging things. Your thoughts? Greg
  14. I'll be in another level-4 on April 4-5, Sears Pt/Infineon with 5-6 buddies........see you then. Greg
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  16. Thanks Pete, looking forward to seeing you in April. Greg
  17. Another great road, hwy-36 in northern california, located off I-5 in Redbluff. Two miles of I-5 thru a little town called Redbluff, you start on hwy-36, there first sidgh you come to says "Next 144 miles" with a big S- above it. 144 miles of rolling roads, big sweepers, tight turns of varying elevation, climbs to about 3,000ft , goes thru goes thru redwood groves, then to Pacific Ocean, head south to "Avenue of the Giants" driving thru some of the tallest trees in the world. Best of all you'll see maybe 12 cars in 144 miles. G-
  18. Happy New Year to all!!! Just received my CODE RACE pictures from Etechphoto today. After reviewing I caught a few body position errors, ok, a lot of body position errors from the photos. I remember at my level-4 school at Sears Pt. on 10/12/10 Cobie/Instructor was my on-track coach, said my hips were open to the turn but my shoulders where a little twisted the other direction, we worked on body position and it got a little better. Then at CODE RACE Streets of Willows two weeks later, Cobie said the same thing when passing me. Pete was my coach that day, said yep, shoulders a little crossed, and head position was off, with a few other things. Spent time on stationary bike, one little gem Pete pointed out was that I needed to grip the handlebars like a "screw driver" which allowed me to drop my elbos and lower my shoulder. Anyway, I got better, but still not great. After reviewing the pictures sent to me today, I now see exactly what Cobie and Pete where talking about. I'll be at Sears Pt. again in April, looking forward to getting this sorted so I can continue to improve and better my lap times. One last thing, first session at CODE RACE my best lap was 1:43, my best lap on 2nd day was 1.28!!! A testiment to Pete, Cobie, and the other amazing coaches at the school, that practicing what they teach really does work, and I've been riding now for only 2-years. Thanks guys, see you in April. GStone
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