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School Leathers And My Own

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I was thinking that I don't know what the "rules" are for gear at the school. I searched the site but maybe I just missed it.


Are 2PC suits OK to come to the school with? Also, does a 2PC w/ Full circumference zipper look like this ?




What model AGV suit are the ones you offer for rent and what model year are they? 1PC? 2PC? Is there anywhere on the site that you list all your gear for rent model, requirement and pricing information?


Just how much more dangerous is a 2PC compared to a 1PC? Will a newbie to track riding going to the beginner class be pushing it enough that the difference in the styles of suits will make a difference on a get off (assuming 2PC suits are allowed)?


I guess I am thinking that I would like to get a decent 2PC suit I can use for the street after the class. Once I start doing more classes and get into going to the track, I can get the custom made 1PC from Barnacle Bills or Syed.





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I went down at the track wearing one of those 2 piece suits that only zipps together at the back. Not a full circumfrence zip together. It held up at a 65mph Low side. The front end tucked I slide on my left ankle, knee, hip, lower back, and shoulder. The sidi boots, teknic pants, cheap frank thomas leather jacket, and teknic gloves held up perfectly. Just slight rash no major imperfections. The zipper held in place and I was riding the rest of the afternoon.

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When I took the school I decided to use the schools instead of risking my own and have no regrets. The suits were great, fit well and were almost like new. They were vented really well . When I do my next course with them will probably use their suits again.

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