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Differences In Steering Dampers

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I would like to know what the differences between the top-mount (ohlins,hyperpro,etc.) and the rotary type (GPR,Scotts,etc.) are and which one would be a better choice. One of my thoughts on the top-mount was that it might be more prone to damage in the case of a crash. I really liked the way the GPR damper felt while riding the schools bike but am just curious about my options. Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Most racers I know feel the top mounts are less prone to crash damage, unless you're talking tumbling violent crashs. The side mount style dampers have a long rod that seems to get easily bent in a smaller crash. I had an across the top of the tank mount style (like the Ducati 916/996) on my R6 and it was never damaged (3 lowsides, 1 highside) . I have not yet (and hope not to) crash test the new GPR on my ZX6R so can't comment, perhaps others can.

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I've used rotary style dampers for years and never had a problem. Many of my bikes went ass over end, and not once did the damper get damaged. My painter loves me though :)


Thanks. I might consider the GPR but I must admit the top-mount Hyperpro does look a bit trick. Either way, they are all about the same price.

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