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Following my level 1 course I have now changed my riding position quite a lot, I was told that the ideal position is to sit far enough back in the seat to allow a fist between yourslelf and the rear of the tank, this was much easier to allow me to relax on the controls and drop my arms to parrallel for smoother inputs... however under braking and when locking onto the tank with my outside knee I felt a little "loose". My coach suggested I get some Stompgrips.. which I duly did. All I can say is that I dont know how I managed before, I think they are great, I now feel really secure on the bike and in much better control. If you get a chance to try these please do, if not just buy some anyway :)

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Hi Rick

I bought some stomp grip when I was down at the school, stuck it on yesterday so not tried it out yet, I dont own a hair dryer so never really heated it up before sticking it on so I hope it stays stuck, will get out on bike and see what I think of it tomorrow!

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I dont own a hair dryer either (my ex had some uses) but mine has stuck ok, takes a while for the glue to go off completely. I bet you will notice a great improvement in feel and control, i did :)


I have had stompgrip on my r1 which is primarily a road bike. I've had them on for about 2 years and love them. The only draw back is the occasional joke from "uniformed" friends about my bike "being ribbed for someone's pleasure."


I hear techspec's are good too. I think there has been quite a bit of discussion on the forum comparing the two. Happy Riding!



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