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    Motorbikes, Moto GP, WSBK, any motorcycle racing! personally I like track riding, motoX, and touring! Recently I have taken to cycling and am planning on entering some sportives early next year! I also like to swim and keep myself in good shape!

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  1. Fair old trek from Milton Keynes, you should try driving from Aberdeen, lol!
  2. What about the style you see now in moto gp where they are so hard on the brakes that the back wheel is in the air right up until turn in, If you watch slow motion of Casey Stoner it looks like while his rear is in the air the he pivots slightly to swing the back end round 4 or 5 inches towards the outside then when his back tyre touches the ground he turns. I often wonder if its just coincidence or if Casey does it intentional but it looks like he is pointing the bike slightly before he turns! Bobby
  3. I like the look of this thread so I will put forward a few points, First of all Id like to state that all my track time and races I have done are for fun, If your any good at racing motorcycles someone will pay you to do it whether that be as a racer a coach, I am not any good so I have to pay for the privilege of riding on track, so one thing that really does compliment the activity Is on the events that involve overnight stays is a few beers and banter in the bar and getting the chance to talk with like minded people, maybe a bit taboo but as I said I do it for fun and this is all part of the experience, On track this year I will be approaching my trackdays in the best shape of my life, my physical fitness has never been so good but I cant say how much I will benefit from that until I get to Almeria in March! The people I talk to have a big influence on how I ride on track, I have this strange belief and trust in what pro riders tell me and so far it has worked out good for me, well all except one that told me I should coast off throttle to the apex but that was a long time ago and I lowsided in the wet doing it! But in all other situations this has worked out good for me! Another thing that helped me in 2010 was having a designated trackbike, just eliminating the fear factor of crashing my pride and joy road bike made a big difference! One thing I do believe is it has to be fun, I lost the plot in Almeria last year when my day 2 lap times were way slower than day 1, I really let it stress me and I think I forgot why I was there, I was ready to quit track riding, I just hit a point where I felt like I was riding as fast as I could and it way slower than anyone else, then my friend said to me, f#$% the time sheets, you have paid ££££ to get yourself and your bike out to Spain and your stressing about something that doesn't even matter, remember your doing this for fun so go out on track and have fun, the lap times quicly tumbled and I still see it as the best advice Ive had, dont forget to enjoy yourself, otherwise whats the point! Bobby, P.s. will prob add to this as the post evolves.
  4. Here is a post from 2008 where Stuman explains alot about the pros and cons of backing it in! http://forums.superbikeschool.com/index.php?showtopic=1276&hl=backing&st=0 Since that discussion I dont think its the fastest way around the track, but it looks great and if you watch the moto2 at Aragon they do some big backing it in manoeuvres! Bobby
  5. I agree with following the direction of the arrow, I was just wondering as I thought it was more to do with how a tyre was constructed that it couldn't be run in high speeds in reverse not to mention the tread pattern would be revesed (which is what I thought the arrow was for)! Personally I would be to paranoid to try it anyway as I need everything to be perfect, I just really wondered if its do able or very dangerous? Your question about using tyres with worn edges, I do know people that put part worn track tyres on their street bikes because they know they wont be leaning as much on the street (or maybe its just to look cool when parked up)! Bobby
  6. To be honest richinio, On UK roads, with speed limits(ish) etc I think both they tyres will be fine and never really be pushed anywhere near their potential, only when you get on track will the difference become evident! I ran a pair of roadsmarts a couple of years ago and thought they were amazing on the road, and they lasted ages, I did 2 or 3 trackdays on them too! Personally if I were running a street/trackbike I would probably opt for the sportsmarts because I like the latest thing but if there were a deal to be had on a pair of Q2s id take them! Though on my street bike Ducati 848 I run pirelli diablo rosso's and really like them on the road! Bobby
  7. Sounds like a magazine test to give a bunch of journalists soething to fill a couple of pages with and no real outcome! What would be a better thought is to live for the now and stick a pair of modern supersport tyres on our bikes and go and see just how much of that expensive, years of R & D, we can get from them!
  8. Thing is Eirik, the rules have changed so much in moto gp over the last 12 years that there is no comparison! I would suggest that the 21 litres of fuel limit could be a major limiting factor in lap times but thats another discussion! Also you have no idea how a modern tyre would work with a 12 year old 500 2 stroke, it might not even work with that power delivery! If your interested in tyre development you should really look at the same bikes in the same year, 2008 Rossi and Pedrosa defected from michelin to bridgestone, Why? because bridgestone were leaps and bounds better than michelin that year but that was only in moto gp and never reflected on the tyres available to the public that year! Bobby
  9. Thanks for your feedback and thoughts Bullet, all good info! Cheers!
  10. OK Eirik, I dont go into googling results too much but it seems the one thing that is lacking consistency is which rider you are choosing to use as an example however if you put those times against Casey Stoner in 2010, Casey would have finished the race close to a lap and a half in front of Mick Doohan of 1998! Cosidering Mick is a 5 time champion I would think gaining a lap and a half on him is not bad going for 12 years development! Bobby
  11. Great write up on the range of tyres Bullet, alot of good info in there, I use tyres more based on cost and availability and have picked up a few pairs of metzeller racetechs and some pirelli super corsa's and since my lowside last year have opted not to use road tyres on the track! apologises if this is an awkward question but do you opt for the top performing Dunlop tyre on your personal bike due to your experience as a coach or do you opt to try out different tyres? Bobby
  12. Thing is 2 seconds is huge at that level of racing, I know what you are saying and would just like to add that having spoken to a few GP riders from the 500 era (race winners) the one thing they always say is how amazing modern off the shelf tyres are compared to the race tyres they had in the 90s! In saying that with the lap times you have quoted maybe that tells you that grip is not the only limiting factor in improving lap times but also you only quote the fastest lap of each bike, the real test would be in how long it took the 500s to complete race distance compared to the 800s, then you would see how well the tyres performed, modern tyres are capable of putting in consistent lap times from about the 2nd lap until the end off the race, could tyres in the 90s do that? Bobby
  13. You say making totally fair comparisons difficult - if not to say impossible. then go on to compare 500 2 stroke with decades of development against an 800 4 stroke with 4 years development and an electronics system that controls power delivery! If you want to talk tyres and make a fair comparison then compare say Kenny Roberts tyre wear to Gary Mcoys on a 500 or Casey Stoners to Talmasci on an 800! Bobby
  14. I read this in another post but I thought it deserved its own post! This is not the first time I have heard of people doing this, especially here in the UK our tracks are predominantly right handers. I personally thought it was mad and shouldn't be done but when Steve answered the other post you didn't flag it up as an issue! So basically the question is simply, is it safe to flip tyres, front and rear? Bobby
  15. Good video Jason, something I have been wondering though, would it be possible to balance them when their on the bike on paddock stands to save buying a wheel balancing thing? Bobby
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