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    Motorbikes, Moto GP, WSBK, any motorcycle racing! personally I like track riding, motoX, and touring! Recently I have taken to cycling and am planning on entering some sportives early next year! I also like to swim and keep myself in good shape!

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  1. Hi Carey, The two books that have really stuck with me this year are Lorenzo, (my story so far), and one I'm in the middle of right now is Lance Armstrong, (its not about the bike, my journey back to life) Lorenzo, you see this guy was always going to be a champion from a very young age, its interesting to read about his route to moto gp, and the sacrifices he had to make to become number one! Lance Armstrong, I know there's a bit of controversy surrounding this guy at the moment but from what Ive read of his book its very inspiring, about no matter what challenges he faced in life he
  2. welcome Uli, I have riden alot of your roads between Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and they really are quite amazing, anyway get posting about the areas of the books that opened your eyes the most! Bobby
  3. I used to always wear 2 piece leathers more for comfort off the bike, but now, and definitely for track riding I allways wear one piece leathers! I find them more comfortable and spacious around the waist! Bobby
  4. Hi welcome to the forum, blaming road tyres is easy to do but I think we know when it happens it was something we did ourselfs, I came off on a wet track a couple of years ago and blamed my road tyres, everyone else had wets on I said to myself so it must have been my road tyres, since then I found this forum got the books and it has been a non stop learning experience, and I know the tyres weren't to blame for my crash now!
  5. HI Dom I'm from Scotland too, welcome to the forum!
  6. Hi Bill, Didn't add the photo myself, but I'll find out. Regarding the quotes: normally just hit the "reply" button, and it will include the quote. To include it as a quote, needs a bracket and the word quote [quot] then another braket with a backslash and the word quote to end it [/quot]. I deleted the "e" in quote, so it would show you, and not be a quote. Hope that makes sense. Another aid is the BB Code help, bottom right. Best, Cobie ok, thanks, got the qoute pert . Now if I could only get my personal photo up. Go to my controls, top righ
  7. Yeah, I think I'd have to agree. Indeed. I'd really like to see Nicky back on top of the podium again. I think he has another good chance at his "home track" Laguna. Indy will be a new track for everyone. yeah Nicky is always good at laguna, he got the pnumatic valve engine this weekend and has qualified 4th so hopefully he can turn it into a podium tomorrow also Ben Spies has qualified 8th in front of Pedrosa in the wet at a track he has never riden before WOW! Could upset a few of the regulars!
  8. Wow... MotoGP at Catalunya. I am so envious. I'm hoping to find a way to attend the MotoGP at Indianapolis this year. I'm afraid I'll have to choose between CSS and AMA Superbikes at Mid-Ohio and the GP at Indy. I think the smart chioce would be CSS + AMA at Mid-Ohio and watch Motogp on tv, My girlfriend and myself love motogp so try to time our summer holiday (vacation) in with one every year, hopefully Mugello next year, Ben Spies is ridind the Suzuki here at Donington park this weekend in place of Caparossi which Ithink will be very interesting as this will give him time
  9. Since I have read the twist books and have booked for school I am always looking at racers styles now with interest to see what they are doing and when they do it and with some I think the calf raise is done so smoothly its hard to notice it also seems as though the pros anchor on with there inner thigh rather than the knee! The one thing I notice the most is how far some of them seem to roll into the turn on what seems to be a closed throttle but I suppose for some they will still be on the brakes at this point! I went to the moto gp at Catilunia in spain last week and watched thomas lut
  10. to be honest I`m not sure if they hold bike only track days at the nurburgring, I think I will look into that, I have always just turned up on tourist days and went on then for a bit of fun. I understand the 100mph average at the Isle Of Man is a common goal, Wow what corner speed the guys must carry to acheive that is unbelievable to me. the 130 mph average was set last year so competition is going to be great this year.
  11. Riding the Nurburgring north loop (nordshliefe?) on any race bike and breaking the "century" (100 mph average) racing a 125 at the Isle of Man are among the top ten of my "must do before I die" list (along with orbiting Earth in a spaceship). I really envy riders who live close enough to make studying The Ring and Isle of Man an ongoing life-long project. Hi Racer Riding the Nurburgring north loop (nordshliefe? German for north loop apparently, but it is what they call it there anyway!) is the biggest buzz ever though I dont think I would ever be able to to hit a 100mph average roun
  12. I dont have loads of track experience like most of you guys but my favourite track is the nurburgring nordshliefe in germany, its 14 miles long with 73 corners. they used to hold gp's on it, I have a dvd of Kenny Roberts winning world titles there in 1978 and 1980. It can be very dangerous now as there are bikes, cars and even tour buses on at the same time, The track I most want to ride is laguna seca, my favourite gp track, the corkscrew just looks amazing, hopefully Nicky Hayden can get back on form there this year.
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