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Instructors, You Got Time For A Youtube Njmp Turn 5 Debrief?

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Hello folks,


I just finished level III course on Thunderbolt where a body-head alignment issue was discussed, so went back to work on it at the Lightning track at New Jersey Motorpark a few days ago and filmed turn 5 for training and debrief (NESBA closed all chicanes for some reason).


This is the debrief video, I'm wide on line a lot, seeing it I would say I'm way slow on flick, but I will stop there - if anyone wants to take a look, its chronological so the last pass should give some idea of progression and collectively, "habitual" errors,


Thanks for the feedback, please be blunt always ;)




44 2005 636


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First of all, I am a n00b when it comes to racing, so don't pay too much attention to what I think of your BP and cornering technique in general :)


From what I see, you looked a bit "crossed up" on those first couple of laps. Your lower body was in place, but your torso and your head was too high and towards the outside. Since the weight of your upper body has a great impact on the CoG, you're using more lean angle than you need to at that certain speed. However, it seems that you got a much better BP at the end of the video. Good job!


As far as lines go, it looks like you're getting the hang of "quick flicking" towards the end of the video. Mind you though that you're apex'ing a bit early, hugging the inside of the corner way before mid-corner..? Since you've become better at flicking the bike quickly, you might want to chose a deeper turn-in RP to get the full benefit of this technique. Keep up the good work! :)

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Earlier you seemed to be turning in too early and too slowly.


Later you seemed to be flicking a bit quicker and later. Still room for improvement.


Look at the difference between your turn in/points and the coaches' turn in/points.

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