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We just finished our fall CODERACE school, and what a blast. A great fall day at Streets of Willow Springs (perfect weather), 2 days of practice, followed by racing at the end of each day. Day two had a very entertaining race for the lead, right down to the last turn. Margin of victory: I have to verify, but 500th of a second was mentioned. The winner on the podium had his stuffed dinosaur there, and weighs, what-- 70 lbs? Classic. 2nd place, young gun from AZ, on a GSXR-600 (it was fast).


Variety? Racers from all over, and covering the spectrum. Kids on 125 GP bikes, 3 of them.--can you say high corner speed?--riduculous! they go past you and you have to just laugh, while you think, "Ah, I can't get in there that fast." A father and son from AZ. An Irish computer dude, that works in Japan (he took 8 seconds off his last race school). A mother, (and engineer) that broke 1:30 (did two '28's in the race, finished 6th or 7th?).




Fun factor==out the roof.


But that's just my opinon!




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