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hello to everyone...i have request for admin of this forum,i want to try to make this maschinery for slide(lean) bike in homemade,i'm asking someone who can to send me measurement of this maschinery...endwise thanks




The slide bike was invented by Keith Code, for use at his schools. I don't think he is going to give that info away.




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Cobie Fair,ok...thanks anyway..i suppos that...but if ask something you maybe get it,if don't ask you don't get it,per sure... :-) ...if school came in my country maybe i can try it in live...thaks again ...best,dejan


Dejan--the UK branch of the school travels quite a bit in Europe, check their schedule see if you can get to one of those schools. The slide bike is not the first thing trained though, we need to get some other basics in good shape before that. :)



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