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Finer Points Of Counter Steering


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I've experienced several corners I take while riding roads that I need to slow down to maybe 20 to 25 MPH due to corner geometry. One thing I've noticed is that on corners like this, counter steering doesn't kick in, but the scary part is as I accelerate through the corner it does start to kick in which is freaky to say the least.


So, the simple question is, at what velocity does counter steering kick in? Is it a function of tire circumference, rotating mass, angular momentum or a combination of the above? I'd just like some idea of at what velocity I can expect the counter steering to kick in and subside.




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C/S is the way the bike turns, you may not notice it at lower speeds but it's still the way the bike works plain and simple.

When you are going slow you steer keep the balance, That is C/Sing. By turning the wheel twards the off balance the bike leans the other way. If you were falling to the right you turn right and the bike will lean left, same as if you were going faster.


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We did an experiment with a small pencil cmaera mounted on the tank of an R1 and found that at 40 mph the action of C/S moved the handlebar less that 5mm at the switchgear. It's no wonder we don't feel it!

Now take that info and apply it to the pick drill! :lol:



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