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Sean Gallian #34 Race Report Ccs Southwest

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Road race southwest Round 1






Firebird Raceway East Track












Race Report






Sean Gallian #34






The first round in 2009 proved to be a pretty good one for me. I ended the weekend with two podiums and a great race in Unlimited GP beating a handful of experts but missing the podium by two spots.




Unlimited Supersport: Race 1




I got a pretty good start in this race but was beat on the brakes going into turn 1 so I had some work to do to catch my competitor who was on a ZX10. There were 3 lead changes between Kale Dankenbring and I. I passed him on the brakes going into turn 1 on the third lap and then I led for a couple laps and then he got me back in the carousel. We battled for 2 more laps and I couldn’t find a place to pass him until there were 2 laps left where I again passed him on the brakes but this time it was going into turn 10. At that time I thought I could hold him off the rest of the race and I did hold him off until we exited turn 10 headed for the finish line and the power of his ZX10 overmatched my 750 and he beat me by no more than a foot or two. This was my first second place finish so it was definitely bittersweet.




Unlimited GP: Race 2




I enter this race with the understanding that it is not an Amateur/Expert split race so I am racing against everybody in the field and hopefully I can gain experience and lower my lap times. I did run my best lap ever at Firebird east at 59.6 and I finished 5th while beating a few experts in this race. I felt pretty good about holding off a couple of the very fast experts for a lap or two. I was pretty happy with my finish in this race buy my goal is to get a third place finish in this race before the end of the year.




Unlimited Superbike: Race 3




I was gridded in the 6th row in this race and I got an amazing start. When the green flag dropped I found myself passing people left and right and found myself up with the guys who were gridded in the 2nd row. It is safe to say that this was the best start I have ever gotten and by getting an awesome start I put the rest of the amateur field quite a ways back having to get around some experts to catch me. I found myself chasing down an expert for the rest of the race but I never got close enough to attempt a pass. With 2 laps left I looked back and realized that the rest of the amateur field was almost a half a lap back so I dialed it down a bit just to make sure I finished the race without incident. When I crossed the finish line I was very ecstatic that I had captured the first victory of my career with many more to come.








I would like to thank all my sponsors including Michelin, the Mad Hatter, Adrenaline motorsports, Motorex, Vortex, Woodcraft, Scorpion, and Pit-bull stands. I would especially like to thank Gianni for getting me the set of tires that I needed and aiding me throughout the weekend to ensure that I had a successful weekend. Thank you Road Race southwest for putting on another great weekend and ongoing series.



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congratulations! looks like you had a good day!

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Sean is a friend of mine, and one of the best people I know at the track. Great guy. We started at about the same time, but he's in a world of his own on the track. Sean, you're that much better every time I see you ride. Good to see you on CSS forum. You're input will make this site that much better.

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