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Lurking And Learning....

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I'll agree and add that Tgriff has a good point. Sadly, I and possibly a few others, haven't attained that wonderous place in life where we get to spend all the time we would like riding tracks around the country/world. As such, we mostly live for those happy times when we can run off to find some nearby canyon or unpatrolled stretch of open road. For example, "Toughest Corner on the Planet" is under the Circuits heading. I've only run the Streets at Willow twice-both with CSS, Yay! I can tell you there are a couple of hairpin, diminishing radius corners going into a 30-45 degree elevation changes, 1 up, 1 down, on Decker that always make me look like I've never so much as seen a motorcycle in my life! (I like to think if the opposing traffic lane were open to me, this wouldn't happen but don't know if I'd bet on it.) Now, I'm sure there are many who would disagree but, Decker is not technically a race circuit so, I'm not going to post this there. Does that mean the topic is invalid to me? No. Track experience should be applied to the road. So, what do I get out of this topic posting? An idea of the types of corners that cause even highly skilled and experienced track riders problems. Which makes me feel a little better and more confident that, one day, I'll work out those areas I currently have problems with. It's good to know that riding is an ongoing learning process for everyone! So, I'm not going to post anything in response (at least not until I try to muddle my way around Seca in April!) but, I'm going to read the posts and glean what I can out of them. And, one day, I'll know exactly what those guys are talking about. Eventually, I'll even have something more to add, hopefully. Also, it's cold and damp out so I'm sitting here in front of my computer instead of getting in that Saturday ride :angry: . And, I couldn't really write ALL of this at work, so it might not come out right. And, I'm not sure I like the "squid" designation, no matter how appropriate it may be <_< . Now, I have to sign up for traffic school. Thanks for the ticket, Santa Cop!...or, shall I thank you? :rolleyes: (I honestly hate emoticons...)

Have fun!


P.S. And off topic, Keith's at ProItalia in Glendale tomorrow, yes? I'm guessing a lot of people here don't get their newsletter...

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And, I'm still learning this site, which is why this came up as a new topic. Oops.


Hey Domina,


Thanks for putting up that Keith was going to Pro Italia, haven't talked to him since, did you go and if so how was it?



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