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Hi all what a great forum that I have seen so far I believe most of my questions will be answered in past topics but look forward to asking if i cant find something.

Just a quick background on myself I am from Australia my local track is eastern creek Sydney Iam 41 years old have ridden for most of them current ride 03 hayabusa and absolutely love it I'am 6'5 so needed a big bike now I'am just trying to get it to handle like a gixxer thou lol.

I have completed level 1&2 one year ago & level 3 four months ago which was wet all day lucky I had the race wets with me never used them before wasn't ideal for level 3 but made the best of a bad situation.Hook turn best thing I learn't that day.

I have booked in for level 4 in two weeks I suppose I would like to know whats in store for me on this day anything I could do to make it better?

Included a pic of my ride may turn it into a full time track bike has any one seen busas as track bikes how'd they go?

Thanks Drillerpost-15320-1235982210_thumb.jpg

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Hi Driller, and welcome,


Glad you are up here, haven't had as many Aussies up as I'd like!


Certainly have seen a few Busa's at the schools, don't recall one that was dedicated as a track bike. Go ahead and post away, if something is already covered, we'll help you find it.




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