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Norfolk Squid ...lol

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Hi folks. I'm new to forums all together :unsure: . I wont lie <_< , I've never really followed motorcycle racing or riders, I only know a few 'house-hold' names... the Haden brothers, Rossi, Ben Spies and Jason Briton :D, as you can see my knowledge of this is mediocre at best. I returned yesterday from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC, where Dylan Code and some of the CSS team where out there testing a new program geared for the military, in order to reduce the fatalities we're suffering due to motorcycle accidents. I considered myself a pretty good rider B) with all 3 years of riding experience that I have, combined with 2 MSF courses and 1 sports bike riders course via MSF and hours of watching youtube videos :lol: . After taking these courses and with my extensive riding experience of 3 years ;) I was naive enough to think that I could go out there and take on street and track racers alike. I will say on my defense though that most of this new found confidence came mostly from riding with young/inexperienced or reckless riders who had taught themselves how to ride. The Marine Corps mandates that before you buy a motorcycle you must take the basic MSF course, so armed with this new knowledge I was ready to take on anyone! :lol: However, after going through this course that CSS provided for us this week, I was promptly knocked of my high horse, in more ways than one. I learned ALOT in just a little over 3 hours of instruction and riding. One of the most important things I learned is that, even after 3 years of riding, I had barely scratched the surface of the motorcycle world. Thanks to Dylan and the CSS team, I now have this burning desire to learn as much as my brain can withstand about motorcycling. I can already see that this forum will be a great learning tool for me. It's funny because I've seen the CSS ad in magazines but never really paid attention to it. Earlier this week Dylan told us to just google Keith Code or CSS 'you'll see us, it'll look like this' and he pointed to his jacket that had the CSS logo on it. I was thinking, 'I've seen that before somewhere', I got home, opened up one of motorcycle magazines, flipped to the back and wah-la! What do you know....CSS right there under my nose the whole time. :lol: I am looking forward to meeting motorcycle enthusiast and learning as much as I can. Thanks!

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Get it on the track and get to know the riders at the local track, and you'll learn how intense, involved, and specific riding is. This site is great for learning also. Don't lerk, ask questions. You'll learn much more. And racing is awesome. It's not as helpful, but you can learn riding and cornering angles on tracks.



..... and welcome.

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Haha... it was hidden in plain sight! I'm gonna try to get involved with some track days at VIR once I take a CSS class, hopefully in May!

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