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What I Thought I Knew

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After school and having my ego handed to me in a wet paper bag...


Sat and Sun schooling was a world of knowledge.


I swore I had a great idea of how ride, how to corner, how to go fast, and how to look cool on a motorcycle.


Was....I....Ever........so wrong.


So showing up for school on Saturday morning.


Clear, cold morning. Sun shinning in the background. Music of revving engines, and the smell of fresh exhaust surrounding me.


As I am soaking up the awe that is Willow Springs, I hear the call for the green group.


Joining the first class for the morning introduction my mind starts to open.


Taped up and ready to ride. My color of choice, green. At this point I figure just like in the military, green, FNG, newbie.


Hop on the steering bike. Sure, turning simple enough. Right.


Bunch of left turns. I feel my back hurt, my hands get death grip, and weight just off balance.


Quickly I am corrected and 10+ tries, I get the steering bike better.


Cruise over to start finish line. Call out the lesson, and I am off.....slow easy acceleration.


Get up to turn 2 and it just kicks my arse. Wide, creepy crawly speed, and there is my coach on turn 7.


Now feeling humbled, I follow him around.


Hand waiving at me, suggesting my technique is squidish.


After a 10 hour day understanding of turning, throttle control, choosing a line, and humility comes to an end I head to the hotel for a much needed night of sleep.


Sunday morning, cloudy, windy, and cold.


Warm coffee, McDonald's, and another day for learning.


Throughout the 10 hours, I get better and faster.


I notice that I start to target fixate. My coach provides me a few short pointers.


Behold, Ben Spies Jr.....ok maybe not but I feel more confident.


As the schooling ends my sense of motorcycling is much greater. I can't say enough good things about CSS.


I will so recommend the school to any and all that will turn an ear to me.


Throttle control, Step 2 and 3, Wide View just to name a few techniques are more than enough to make me a rider better.


I look forward to levels 3 and 4.


Thanks to all for the patience, help, and knowledge.




Marc aka Mistui Moto

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Sat and Sun schooling was a world of knowledge.

I swore I had a great idea of how ride, how to corner, how to go fast, and how to look cool on a motorcycle.

Was....I....Ever........so wrong.

Hey Marc;

Another great write up from the School at the Streets of Willow Springs! Rondre3000 had a similar theme about how much he learned especially once he checked his ego in the paddock. There is so-o-o-o much to learn in this sport and your post shares the kind of transformation that a good student goes through as you intergrate their instruction into your riding vocabulary.


Like Rondre, you did all prospective student a great service by your candor and your humility.

Stay active here because as you learn more, your postings become part of the greater whole that makes this Forum so successful.


Thanks for sharing.


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Hey Marc

Great post. I know how it feels. For me it was the realization that I really didn't have a clue what I was doing on the track (and street I guess). Just finished lvl 3 and 4 and it gets better and better. Just adds and refines the first two lvls.

And I loved how u kind of summed things up

"patience, help, and knowledge"

It could be the core values for CSS


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