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Locking In The Outside Leg

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Hello from Aus,


Just wanted to say that i have been watching some of the footage on youtube and decided to try locking in my outside leg and taking the weight off my hands today to see if it made any difference to stability and corner speed. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! much better, and sitting a little further away from the tank worked a treat too!!!


I have also booked in my level 1 course at Philip Island in october. Thought to myself: if i can learn that in a 2min vid on the net, imagine what i could learn from a whole day.


Can't wait!!

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I just started doing that on my last trackday. What I also learned by watching MotoGP that I started doing last week was just before I come up to hard brake, I shift my butt to the side I'm going to start cornering while I'm still tucked. That part takes practice to become comfortable with, but by doing that I have one leg, or two if I don't stick my inside leg out while hard braking, and it feels real comfortable while sticking my inside leg out, and putting that pressure on my outside leg. I was really sore a couple days later, but it let me know what muscles I need to work during our offseason.

The comfort was comparable to the first time I got my BP in the right spot for me, and was leaning and getting my knee down. No fighting the bike, just cruising and knowing how much farther down I have to go.

Your priority needs to be getting that pressure off the bars. It's a constant struggle for me, and feels real comfortable when I do it right. It's something I'm going to work on during the off season.

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