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hi , this ones for the admin if any one can help


been trying to add a photo for my signature ( i managed to do it o.k for my profile photo )and can,t figure how .

pic i,m trying to add is in jpeg format in my desktop and a seperate folder on my p.c .

any tips , cheers .

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There is an edit signature option on your profile. Within the editor there is a button to insert the URL for the picture you want on your sig. You have to host the photo on-line like at photobucket or someplace like that. I would ask that you please limit the size of your photo or not use one in your sig at all. It kinda stinks when everyone has big photos in their sig when you have to scroll through a thread.

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Also there is a option under board settings that will set wether or not sigs show up when you view a post. You have to turn that on if you want to view sigs. I think it is turned off by default and I doubt too many people turn it on for the reason mentioned in the above post. if you can see the superbike school logo at the bottom of my post you have the option turned off.

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