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Hi From The Chi

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Hey everyone,


Name is Charles, I live just outside Chicago and have been riding for just under 3 years now. Bought a R6s in 2007 and have put on just over 20k miles...

Been going to the track here and there and have been looking for some lot/track drills that I can do to increase my abilities, saw this site, looked like it was exactly what I was looking for so hopefully I can learn some things from here.

Also looked at the CA school, looks bad ass and if I had the cash id definitely head out there for it ! We dont have anything remotely close to that out here... just track days with instruction but nothing like a full class...

Anyone here from the Midwest ?

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Hi Charles,


Welcome to our forum, you're most welcome.


You'll find lots of great people on here, students, non students, people all interested in learning about bikes, and how to get the round corners!


I'm unsure on who is from where in US, as I'm UK based, but I'm sure you'll find plenty of people who reside in your part of the world.


Have a scoot about, see what you can learn, and of course, post your own learnings, questions, see if we can help you out, and maybe we'll convince you that a school could work wonders to your skills too!


Take it easy mate,



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Hey Charles,


I live about an hour south of Chicago. I did Level 1 of the superbike school at blackhawk farms, if you are familiar with that. It was a few years ago and it hasn't been on the schedule the last few. I also know the school has been to Autobahn in Joliet a few years ago, but not recently. I'm not sure what the details as to them dropping of the schedule, but maybe one of them shows up on next years schedule. (fingers crossed). Or you can do what I did with Level 2 and take a trip somewhere and do it. I did level 2 at mid ohio. Definately worth it.



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Howdy. I've been riding for just over 10 years, and spoke with a friend in Phoenix who did a school (not this one), and said it helped him more than he could explain. We're going to do a trackday in about a month, and I'll run with him to see how fast he pulls away. I'm doing Oct 31-Nov 1 in Vegas, and am getting more and more excited as the days pass.

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Hey Charles, Welcome to the forum, I'm from Manitoba and made the trip down to Vegas (cheap flights) for the 2 day camps twice now. Well worth the time and cash. Would like to get out and ride Road America some time, have you? What track day provider?

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