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Head Position


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Hey guys,


Been working on my body position for a while now, and seem to have hit the brick wall between what "feels" right and what "is" right. I always position my head to the side im turning upon entry to the corner, and it feels like i keep it to the side for the entire time. But then i get photos like this...




But see, from different angles...i look like this! Which i dont think is bad technique at all really? or is it?




Are there any hints as to what im doing wrong, it dosnt feel like im pushing the bike under me, or like my head is sitting in the middle of the bike. Ive been thinking it might be the angle the photo is taken on, as alot of guys in the faster groups look exactly the same, except for one, who looks like a spider monkey with his head near his inside hand. Ive attempted to do that, but it moves the weight to my hands, and adds steering imput. I then thought it might be my height, being 6'. But im clutching at straws guys. Any help would be muchly appreciated.


Also apoligies to jpm photo's, i couldnt use the high quality ones, due to the 2mb upload thing!


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The second photo does appear that you're pushing the bike underneath you. Have you ever heard of 'kiss the mirror'?


Yeah man, i think thats the issue, ive been working on it in my garage with the stands, i think by "straightening" my outside arm, and dropping my inside shoulder and turning my outside shoulder towards the turn, should sort the issue. The problem is bar pressure, when i do this, i put a bit of weight on the handle bars, with my current method, i could probably let go of the handle bars mid corner lol


What levels of css address this.


Im pumping out 1:48 around eastern creek in traffic, so i dont feel like a slug, Im really keen on the body positioning technique more than anything.


I think i need a friend...and a video camera...and a large carpark to sort the issue lol

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Hey Booth,

I think you are looking pretty good! There is one thing that might help. Try looking farther up the track and through the exit of the turn. I think riders have a tendancy to focus to closely in front of them. There are some coaches on this forum who have great technic. Check out there avatars. The one thing I think that they have in common is that they are looking through the turn. Their shoulders are turned in the direction they are going. I have a couple of pictures I am going to have a link to. I have a lot to work on but in these pictures I am looking through the turn to the exit. Once I know I can make the exit, I am looking down the track. My shoulders and head are telling the motorcycle to go this way.....This helps get the upper body over the front and to the inside.

Looking through the turn

Looking through the exit

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Im having issues with moving my head into the position. Maybe its the gut im carrying around, but generally speaking, when i get my head into what im now calling "the casey stoner position" i can achieve the "cool" look, as ive seen in the video my friend took of me this afternoon, unfortunately, its making the whole bike unsettled. Moving my weight to the front, to a point that when i touched knee down this afternoon, my knee dug in a bit and the back deweighted and "skipped" When i relax a bit, and leave my head in my usual position, i feel great, no weight on the bars, the bike is stable. Using the CSP im feeling anything but stable. Is it just because its a new technique, or are there other forces at play. The back dosnt even feel remotely planted.


Head position is a funny thing, because it seems like alot of people do it differently. Doohan pushed the bike under him, stoner and pedrosa have there heads so far off they could probably read the guy next to them's speedo. And rossi seems alot more chilled with the moving of the head. Not so "extreme". Is it a height thing? I know rossi is taller than the average gp star.


Is there anyway in australia to get a private coaching session done with this?

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Is there anyway in australia to get a private coaching session done with this?


You should speak with Adam Raffe, i think his member name on the forum is adam06. he will be able to advise you of the options he could help with.



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