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Hello From Okinawa

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Hello All,


My name is Paul, and I am from Okinawa Japan, thus the name...Oki-Rider. I just completed the 2 day camp, at the "Streets" and am still stoked about the whole experience. You'll have a great crew. Thanks for all the lessons, patience and coaching on and off the track. Looking forward to Level 3 and 4 in the not too distant future.

Oh yea, Usually I can be found on the weekend riding a GSXR-750, as my primary weekend entertainment, or on my Suzuki ST250, during the daily commute.

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O genki desu ka?


Welcome Paul. And good on you for deciding to attend CSS at the Streets. That was something, right? Having a ringside seat in the midst of motorcycles running at speed is quite an experience.


I mean priority one is doing the drills and getting those perfected but during all the instruction I do get a real wide grin on my face as any of the coaches does a hot lap past me. Nothing like it anywhere.


It's something you just can't put into words for the folks back home.


The setup Keith has put together is really special. The gear, the personnel, the mission.


Good luck with your pursuit of the Art. In the meantime, get Twist II, if you haven't picked it up. Read it and read it and make notes in it and review and prepare for your next visit. You now have a much better idea about what it takes to pilot a motorcycle at speed.


All the best.

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Hi Oki and welcome to the forum,


It's great to hear you had such an awesome time at the steets for the 2 day camp. I just did levels 3 and 4 there last weekend. So you live in SoCal now? Hope to see you at the track sometime.



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Hey Oki, welcome to the forum! I'm at the same place as you are in my "education", ready for levels 3 and 4.

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