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Twist Ii Dvd: Starting To Make Sense Now

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Anyone seen or read the twist II dvd/book? If you have experiences and gains from the twist publications, please share them with another avid cornering junkie. Post em up cause I'd love to read about it!! Cheers cruising.gif


I just received my long awaited copy of twist II in the mail and boy oh boy, was it waaay over due. You know that passionate driven feeling you get as you begin a new learning curve and some of it starts to make sense? It's like a road racing renaissance and I can't wait to attend the school in the Aussie summer. I got the dvd on Friday and was blessed all weekend with awsome weather to practice.


For me, big gains accross the board came from understanding.


  • Understanding the forces at work on the bike's weight distribution, suspension, tyres and ultimately traction under acceleration and breaking. Once I knew what I was doing and how it was wrong I could fix it. That to me was an awosme feeling: solving some of my own problems that always bothered me that I knew I had, but wasn't able to articulate it previously to the twist II dvd.
  • I've just got blipping the throttle on the down shift with concurrent breaking. I don't know how I got by so long with out doing it this way. No wonder I compression locked up a couple of times when I first started out. (lol and back then I was like OMG icon5.gif)
  • Not forgetting to mention BIG gains through understanding my throttle control
  • Also connecting to the bike, locking in, paid me massive dividends. No wonder why I wasn't able to relax my upper body previously. I used to love the feeling of cornering but this has taken it to a whole new level. I mean, it feels real nice. More effortless, smooth and balanced. More in control.

Thankyou to all, instructors and staff, CSS and of course da man Keith Code.


Sincerley RD

(I can't wait to attend the school in the Aussie summer :P )

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