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New Css Skills Paying Off

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Just did a trackday in northern California, ("C" group, non-competitive). My first since CSS level 1 this summer.

The skills I learned at CSS are working great. Right off the bat I turned in new personel best times around Thunderhill Raceway.

Confidence level was up. The event was a sell out. Bikes everywhere. Not a circumstance where you would expect to ride fast. With the techniques learned at CSS, such as maintaining visual awareness of the opportunities that become available on the track, focusing on specific points to ride over and smooth control of power at the right time (and of course the 60/40 weight benefits gained by that) I was able to maintain good control. and see optional paths through traffic and around corners. Though not always the best path, that kept me moving forward efficiently. Funny how my mind places an X on the track, as if someone had walked out there and put down tape.

I received some great compliments from event staff, some I know are hard to impress, although I prefer to not draw attention to myself.

Near the end of the day I was asked by the organizer's track staff to move up to the "B" group due to my speed. OK.

I'm going to take that as confirmation that the techniques I learned at CSS are improving my ability to ride a motorcycle fast and in control. Thanks again for offering your school. I'll be back.



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Good job man! Great feedback and a really nice pic. I can't wait to do level 3 myself, I'm looking forward to seeing the 2010 schedule, I'd like to do it at Streets or Vegas!

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Oooo yeaaah, well done. I think that when you try not to draw attention to yourself and people notice you for good reasons, it makes it taste all so sweeter. A good win right there!

Hey Mark, that looks like a fast corner too, about how fast is that?


Sorry. Can't tell ya. After the CSS class I decided to cover the speedo during track days.

I had not realized what a distraction it was looking at the speedo, for no good reason, until I took the class and used a CSS bike that had the speedo covered.

No speedo forces you to focus on the approaching corner to evaluate entry speed.

Much better!



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