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Hi, new to the forum.

I stay in the east of Scotland, and have just purchased an Rsv4.

Hoping to get myself and my wife through all the levels.

Angie has a honda cbr600f and an Aprilia 750.


So saying hello to all.


Kev :)



Hi kev,


Welcome to our forum, and with luck, we'll see you at school in 2010.


great choice of bike, it really is a sensational looking thing, and I understand a real fantastic piece of kit to ride. Coming from an Aprilia RSV myself, I expect nothing less than that too.


Have a scoot around our forum, look through the numerous articles, and share your thoughts and opinions on stuff that interests you. You'll find the forum can be full of interesting lively debate, with riders of all levels putting in their two penneth.


Looking forward to hearing more about you, your experience, etc, etc.



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Looking forward to hearing more about you, your experience, etc, etc.




Thanks for the welcome Bullet, been riding for 8 years now all on sport bikes had a ninja 636 and have just recently parted with my then zx10r which was a great bike but when i took the v4 out it was completely different and more focused.


I have been to knockhill which is the closest track i have available, but looking to go to a level 1 class in 2010.

Can you recommend a track, where there are plenty of corners?

I would even consider an abroad track for level 1 and 2 combined if poss.



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Hi Kev,


Knockhill is a nice track mate, little small, and the weather is very changable, but it's not half bad, got some very challenging turns in there for sure.


My personal fave for training used to be Rockingham, it had a good mixture of all types of turns, but due to surface concerns, we're not going there in the UK in 2010. The three other circuits we're currently doing, Silverstone Stowe, Silverstone South, and Brands Hatch Indy, all have their pluses and minuses really.


Stowe is a small circuit, about 1.2 miles currently, though it's being ammended with another 0.5 miles of turns being put in, impvoed paddock and class facilities being done over the winter, due for completion around April/May. Its not super fast circuit, but it's got lots of slow to medium speed turns, and it's a tricky little sod to get right.


South circuit is the lower half of the GP circuit, joined back together at the top of the Hangar straight. Its much wider cicruit than stowe, much better surface, and much, much quicker, so if high speed is your thing, thats probably for you,


Brands Indy, well that speaks for itself. Its very, very popular, sells out very quickly usually at least 3-4 months in advance. Its a good circuit, very tricky challenge of elevation, and corners of all kinds of speed. A good track, but so, so far away from you.


Now, if you were interested in a European 2 day'er, we're doing Jerez in April, I understand it maybe the Easter week, Bank Holiday monday onwards. Its fair to say, the 2 day camps are the very best way to do a the schools. Firstly you get to do the full length ciricuits, as we have enough time, and Jerez is unbelievably good. Second, the coach to student ratio is 2-1, rather than 3-1, so you get more interaction/input. Finally, you get 6 sessions per day, rather than 5. It works out you get nearly as much double the track time.


There are only ever 16 students on track at once. so it's a bit like having the place to yourself, only downer is of course it costs more money, which makes it a bit exclusive. There is talk of having a 2 day camp in the UK later in 2010, but I don't know about anymore details, but, given we use Silverstone a lot, and with the MotoGP is going there, I'd like to speculate if we do, it might be on the new MotoGP circuit layout, but as I said, thats just me speculating....!


Hope that helps your thought process mate



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