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2010 Riding Coach Search

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2009 has been an excellent year, but 2010 is the beginning of a new era. We are looking for coaches. Read on, fill out the application and send it to me.


Here is the process:


1. Read the description below the dotted line of what we are looking for.

2. A very good riding skill level is required from our coaches. Some have met the other requirements, but had to work on their riding skill, and eventually became coaches. While riding skill is important, as or more important is ability to learn, ability to communicate and get along well with a wide variety of people, can endure hard conditions (school days are long!), and can attend enough school days in a year.

3. Please review the description and application carefully. The schedule needs to be filled out with your best estimate, try and answer for every date.

4. If you fit the description, or think you could meet the requirements soon, fill out the application that is attached and send it to me. In truth, I'd rather have you try out and let us decide if you meet the requirements, than not have you try out at all!








If you can answer yes to all of the questions below then you may be just what we need. If you can't, let me know and we'll go from there.


1. Have you already taken the Superbike School (since 1995, preferably Level 1 and 2)?


2. Have you roadraced?


3. Are you already pretty fast? (don't have to be a track record holder, but can't be slow).


4. Are you friendly and personable--enjoy talking with people?


5. Do you learn new things fairly quickly?


6. Can you devote minimum 10-15 school days per year (not including travel time)?


7. Are you willing to do difficult homework, and have every aspect of your training skills scrutinized?


8. Have you read the Twist of the Wrist books?


9. Would you enjoy helping people learn how to ride better?


We are very selective and everything you say or do in the application process counts. I?m not interested in squids, dopers or short term relationships. I am looking for enthusiastic individuals that want to learn how to become great coaches.


If you think you have the right stuff, download the application and e-mail it to me!



Cobie Fair


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