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Slide Bike At Willow For Noobs ?

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I just signed up for the 2 day camp at Willow at the end of March (waiting for the confirmation call actually) and I had a couple of noob questions.


This is my first time at CSS, and I was curious if in the two day camp we get to try the slide bike (in reading through the forums this wasn't completely clear.) I wasn't sure if the slide bike was just for advanced level 4 riders, and someone attending for the first time would have their hands full with other drills, or if it was something even a noob could get some time on and would actually benefit from - as it seems like such a unique opportunity to become more sensitive to bike handling before and during a controlled slide.


My second question is in regards to the S1000RR, will we be using the various traction modes for the drills, and is that even relevant, or are all of the drills so focused that concerns about wet/sport/race/slick are moot?


Thanks, and I am already eagerly counting the days until Willow.

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Hi Two,


Regarding the slide bike: normally one has to make it to Level 4 to ride the slide bike, if he were attending the single day schools. But, if all going well at the 2 day camp, and the student is ready for it, we will work with them on it. The steps before this have to be in place for the slide bike to get the correct result. First one rides it as the Lean bike. Then, we need to make sure the skills taught in Level 1 and 2 are in order, and the rider is ready. Some are, some aren't, the new slide bike procedure is very thorough, takes a bit to really do it, but we are getting excellent results.


Re the traction modes of the S1000, don't know exactly yet. The bike we rode was pre-production, didn't have all the modes on it, so we have some experimenting to do, see what will get the best result with the training. Maybe we'll just suggest which mode and let them decide?




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