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Qualifying Vs Racing

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How can I get a better qualifying time? I can only qualify mid field (seventh 1.33min 3.03km track) but finnish first @ 1.23min. I also get out braked by everybody, but pick them up on the exit. I've only started racing, so the only thing that I have alot of is inexperiance. I guess my question is how can I mentaly push myself harder to qualify better?



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I have generally the same issue (without the 1st part). A thing that may help is knowing that unless you push 10/10 in practice and qualifying you won't know the exact braking markers and lines you need to run. As pusing an extra 1/10 in a racing situation isn't good when you don't know what the outside line will be line at that level.


On getting pumped for it... can't help you there.

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Keep racing it will come. Knowing what and where to look would help with the disparity in race and qualifying time. As you get better the difference will shrink. I am still a half to three quarters of a second slower qualifying than racing (with race set-up). Some of it is getting up for qualifying; I don't get near as excited about pushing unless it is to keep up with someone.


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