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Newbie....wouldnt Have Thought So

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Hi folks, thought i would introduce myself before i head off to read stuff or sort out my profile..

Ok so here goes, Im Billy, live in sunny Scotland and have been riding bikes of one sort or another for the past 30 odd years, and yes, they have been odd!. current bike is a CBR900RR Fireblade which i have owned and enjoyed for around 3 years now and to be honest its probably the best bike i have ever owned or ridden and im sure i'll keep it untill either it or I die :ph34r:

Big fan of bike racing, used to do a bit back in the day when i was a kid, but more than happy to watch at trackside or from the comfort of my sofa nowadays.

I dont know much about anything of great improtance, in fact i dont know much about anything at all, something that always suprises me when i get into an argument :blink:


anyway, i get to go play on roads like this, so i suppose im lucky eh!.



ok..so thats about enough about me, im off to have a nosey around and find out what all this bike stuff is about.

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Billy, welcome to the forum... I'm sure you'll find lots of interesting information, discussions, and people here! And yes, you're lucky to have such beautiful places to ride! Wow.


What he's not telling you though steve is that picture is taken on the 1 and only sunny day they have their per year, and even then, the threat of rain was imminent, and it was baltic, (cold). The rest of the year that picture would be fog/cloud/rain/sleet/sheep, (delete as applicable). :lol: I mean, whats the point in great roads, if you can't see them? Not so keen now eh?


Billy welcome to the forum mate, you're more than welcome to join in the fun and banter. hell, you might even find some interestign stuff worth taking away with you too.



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Hay mate, welcome to the forum.

I think I recognize the road in your picture, just past the green wellie up towards fort william! We do have some great roads here but as bullet say's getting good weather's another thing!



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lol...thanks for the welcome lads, yeah, we get loads of the stuff mentioned, but thats what makes our roads so much a challenge..and we are probably better and faster in the wet, anway, who needs to see the roads when you can plot your route one caravan at a time!... :D


oh and yes mate, that's just as you flat out above rannoch moor before dropping down to glen coe, if you havent ridden it, then go do it..its all part of the famous westcoast Scotsburgring :ph34r:

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