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Advice For New To Track...

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I've ridden from when I was 20-30, then took ten years off (living in Silicon Valley) and am now riding again (living in Oregon) for the past 5 months -- cannot believe how much I missed it.


I've NEVER ridden on a racetrack. I was considering doing levels 1+2 At Sears Point or Laguna Seca and then going on to do the 2-Day camp in Las Vegas on 3/20 and 3/21.


Is this "too much info" for me?

Would it be BETTER to go through this?


Your advice is greatly appreciated :)


-- Q

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This is a common question, It may well be to much info all at once, but in my opinion I say just do it, if you dont get something right on the day you can always go back and do it again!



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For a new rider this would be too much, but I think if I were an experienced rider 3 years ago before hitting any track, it would help more than hurt. I'm sure a riding coach is going to chime in soon. I'd say go with what he recommends. What kind of bikes have you ridden?

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I'm not a CSS coach, but my advice would be to take Level 1 & 2, and go out and practice the things you've learned and let it sink in. Once you feel that you are ready for another 2-days of training, go back.


Whether that's in 1-2 months or next year doesn't matter that much.


For what it's worth, I did 1+2 and 3+4 with just 2 months in between (but that was because Keith was coming to Europe - my plan had been to wait for this season before going back to school).


Hope this helps,



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Thank you both for your feedback!


I rode a Ninja 1000 throughout college, 650 Nighthawk for a couple of years, a big Yamha Venture for a few years.


I now have an '05 GSX-R 600 and an '04 BMW R1150RT sport-tourer.

I am very excited to be doing track days this year, but from what I've read in feedback here, I'll learn more in 2 days than I would in an entire season (or more) of track days.


Again, thank you for your input!

I really appreciate it :D

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If you're on a sportbike right now, and have ridden that long, AND are going to do trackdays, I'd say it will be a good thing for you. I went out for quite some time on trackdays and didn't know what to fix to get faster. I knew, mostly from being on here, that I had plenty of things to fix, but didn't know what. Now I can go to a trackday with more of a plan on improving.

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