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Don't Let My User Name Fool You

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Hello fellow cornering addicts.




My signature says Crash106, but that doesn't mean I've crashed my bike 106 times. Nope. Only four times, if you count the time I fell over in the gravel with my 70 year old mom on the back. (Don't feel bad for her--she was okay and told that story for months!) When I say "crash," I'm talking about going into a paralysis attack. My muscles don't work right and can suddenly go weak or just stop working. I had it happen once while riding two up on the Cherohala Skyway and it was pretty scary! Mostly I'm fine, but some days I'm not.




Anyway, I've been a motorcycle commuter for most of the last 25 years. I've ridden bikes from a 400cc single to a 1200cc touring bike. My current bike is a Suzuki Burgman 650 maxi-scooter. It IS the ultimate commuter bike (S1000RR with tank bag excluded). I've ridden to work on roads partially covered with snow, in temperatures down to 20-degrees and rains heavy enough to drown a Kawasaki Rhino. Recently, due to my muscle problems, I broke down and bought a car for the winter. I have had some years were I could not ride at all.




I've read a handful of motorcycle riding books, watched tons of fun crash videos on YouTube (well, they were fun for ME), and taken the MSF course twice. My wife rides. My mom rides. My son wants to ride--someone please tell him he doesn't need a ZX14 for his first bike! Mostly I commute to work, but my wife and I do sometimes go on weekend trips. I have no desire to race. I don't especially want to attend a track day. Although, I would like to do some land speed record stuff--see what it feels like to go 125-150-175-200 mph.




After being forces to stop riding for awhile, I decided that THIS time, I was going to figure out how to enjoy cornering. Of the books I've read, "Twist II" has probably helped me enjoy my riding the most. I think this is because it addresses fear the best and explains WHY I should ride the way Keith recommends. Thanks for that. Joy is very important to me and something we could all use a little more of. So, anyway, hello to everyone. I look forward to joining the forum.


Best wishes,


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Howdy. Very good to have you. If you want to add to your library, check out the new DVD they've come out with. I've watched it 4 times now, and have found it to be incredibly helpful. Especially after going through the school.

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