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Signed Up And Can't Wait For School To Open!

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I've just signed up for the two day school at Las Vegas on April 17&18. Now I created a problem ... I have a hard time taking my mind off of the school. I can't wait to get there.


I've read Twist 2 over and over again. I'm from Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia. I live on the Cabot Trail which has some really great twisty roads in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park that I'm getting better at but I know I need to improve still more. My biggest question is, "How far will the bike lean?" I'm confident that I'll learn that at the school.


I attended one other on-track course about 10 years ago, but the only thing that the instructor said was, "Ride faster." From all of the testimonials for the Superbike School, I'm sure to get much more help.


The Las Vegas track does not seem to show the configuration of the track. Some of the other tracks have diagrams on their website. Is there a diagram of the Las Vegas track available?


The school days can't come fast enough. I'm really looking forward to riding the S1000RR. I sat on one at a motorcycle show and was surprised at its comfort.




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Howdy. You're going to love the school. Be sure to come back and tell us what you thought, especially what you think of the bike.


I can't remember the name of the track they use now, so I can't find anything on the net. I'm sure someone will come along and have something.

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Hi CaperKen,


We will use the infield course for that school, it's inside the big oval. Fun course, we reverse it from day 1 to day 2.


I saw someone looking at it, I think it was google earth, try that.


I know what you mean about being excited, I still get that way!




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