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Hi From Greece

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;) Hello from Grecce


My name is Costas


I have had all the three levels of CSS here in Greece . (http://www.superbikeschool.gr/show.php?cat_id=68 Respect to mr Xoundras and all the team )


There was the best 3 days of my riding life.


I try to improve my self , and practice all the time the things that the CSS (Gr department teach me ) in any track day .

(Now i have to look - read - search the forum for more knowledge ;)

My bike is ZX10 2006 model (and with this bike pass the Lev.II )


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The Well im 39 years old and i start with a Yz80 (yes i was a dirty one ) in 1986 in the age of 16 .

My moto-hystory has Yz125 , Yz250, Villa 250 , WR250 and here comes the 1992 and one ZZR 600 come in to my garage and after 6 months my dream comes true .

The 1993 Isle Of Man .

Late 1993 i bought the ''big mama'' ZZR1100c3 and the Isle come again in to my travel plane in 1997 and that was the last time i visited the motorcycle -mad - island with the cats with no tails :lol:


The 2007 one ER650n and the ZX10r parks into my garage and the things are better for me .


The CSS was always in my mind , so in 2007 i take the I,II,III levels and i thing that all this time i was just driving that things. From then i know what to do in the race track without second thoughts and fear o cornering that thing (zx10r).

Power stearing , throtle control , turning point was words that i never new , my driving (exept my English :( ) is impruving all the time to the safest way in and out of the race track .


Race tracks in GR ?

The serious one is in Serres and the small one is in Megara Athens .



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Started as a "dirty one" I like that! Love riding in the dirt, do it very rarely :(.


Thanks for all that information, very interesting--I think I should start asking others to do that when they come onto the forum.


Glad to hear the boys in Greece are looking after you! Please keep posting, tell us a bit more: are track days very popular in Greece, or is there a lot of mad riding on the roads? :)




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