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"servus!" From Bavaria

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Hi there!


I found this interesting forum while i was looking for a possibility for me to visit a track day at the CSS (nothing equal in Germany)! I hope to manage it sometime in the future...


I know the CSS from Keith's bibles... i've first read them a time ago - but i've just begun to understand them - since i experienced track riding 2 years ago (unfortunately i crashed last year by disregarding Throttle Control Rule #1... although knowing about... (150KM/H + high lean + front brake = bad) )


Well, understanding and practicing the techniques from Twist I + II took my riding to a new level!


I'm 26 years old and riding motorcycles, practicing, trying new techniques or just enjoying a trip - is my greatest joy in life. I could not imagine a life without riding ;-)

When not riding, I like to talk about, think about and discuss techniques... And I think here's the right place. In other forums discussions about riding techniques are usually limited to counter-steering ;-)


So, I own a VTR 1000 Firestorm (In the US it's called Superhawk) and a Suzuki GS-500... well, both are not considered to be race-bikes, but if you know how to ride... :-D great fun - at the track and the street!


(Incredible what you can learn on a 45 horsepower-bike (still, after 7 years of riding much stronger bikes)



Recently I made a step in a direction I always wanted to... I was always afraid of slipping and sliding... and I admired drifting, jumping...


So, finally I bought a motocross-bike and joined an offroad-club! Damn that's tough riding! A hole new challenge - although I was riding since I'm 16... I'm a total greenhorn now and I'm beeing passed by 12 year old girls on the outside ;-)


(At least I hope they are not even younger ;-) )

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Off road riding is a lot of fun, and yes can learn a lot.


After a while you might be able to keep up with the girls! :)




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