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Like A Novice

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Sorry about the Madonna theme tongue.gif


I watched this video http://f1.gpupdate.net/en/videos/haslam-rides-silverstone-arena_361/ and I wonder - does it make Haslam look like a novice? First, it seems to be well below race pace - which makes it less useful as information when it comes to showing off differences between SBK and F1 - and secondly he seems to be all over the place and messing up gearchanges and all sorts of things.


It may be just me, but the lap seems a bit clumsy.

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t'was a bit messy, but it looked like a road bike so he'd likely be fighting with differences he's not used to such as a road tuned slipper clutch, std brakes, std power, road tyres and potentially road v's race shift issues.


No doubt it was still fast enough to put most riders to shame though :D


P.s. I got that Madonna reference from the title alone. That might be a bit shameful!

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Oh, I didn't want to imply I could follow him - not by a long way! I think I could be much smoother around my slow lap, though biggrin.gif


Eirik, anyone who can ride the Dec to April icy roads of Norway would have to be quite a perfectist with the control inputs :)

No stress about speed, that line was a general observation. Although I do think I can add to the list of things that made him quite rough.... the thought of an F1 car about to become his pillion at those speeds would be unsettling right? :D

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