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Level I Skills & Drills Recap?

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I took Level I at Sears Point / Infineon last year.


In anticipation of another track day, I'm trying to remember the skills and drills the day.

I wonder if y'all could help me fill in the blanks.


What I remember:

1) 4th gear only, no brakes

goal: know the lines, be smooth


2) 3rd/4th, no brakes

goal: early neutral->positive throttle roll-on holds the bike steady and smooth


3) 3rd/4th, brakes allowed

goal: still getting smooth, use light brakes, carry speed through corners


4) Turn-in on x

goal: repeatable, precise turn-ins make for predictable, smooth, fast turns.


5) look through corner

goal: bike goes where you look - bring it through consistent, smooth, fast



That's what I can remember..

But weren't there 7 drills?

Do i have the goals right?


I know a lot of this is "like riding a bike" in that I know have the skills whether I am conscious of it or not (or whether I can write them down in this post), but I believe I can also consciously dust these skills off and practice them.


BTW - might make a Thunderbolt day out on the East Coast... YAY!

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5 skills taught:


throttle control

Turn points

Quick turn

Rider input (relax)



Twist 2 is the best "reminder" of these, lots of data about each skill and what is being gone over (for example, there 5 chapters on Throttle Control alone, and the different aspects of it).



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For me, level 1 boils down to:


push...release...chicken-arm...throttle...yup that was it / ###### dat wuzn't it



Although, while preparing for a turn, I do quickly think about the 2-step, quick turn and throttle control (which is still a weakness of mine, dammit).

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