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Best Way To Sell A Bike

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Looking for a little advice from the group. I am thinking of selling my tricked out race-prepped ZX6R, but I know it's hard to sell bikes right now. Do you think I would get more money out of it overall if I put it back to street/stock condition, and sold the fancy race bits separately, or tried to sell it as a race/track bike with all the mods? It has some fancy stuff like full LeoVince exhaust, PC, Sato rearsets etc., but I see that the WERA website is FULL of amazing race bikes (including lots of ZX6Rs)that are advertised at really low prices!


Do you think I'd be better off pulling off all the race stuff? That would be a lot of work, plus I'd have to try to sell all those pieces... but it will look brand new with the stock stuff back on, will show well in a showroom, and I have a shop near me that will put it out for sale. It has low miles and they can truthfully tell everyone it was owned by a lady who only rode it a couple of times a year. :)


What's the ticket, any experience with which plan works better?

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I've never looked heavily into the used bike market but it seems like if the bike isn't street legal the price drops dramatically. If you made it street legal again you'd probably get more than enough money back to make it worth your time. If you sell the after market parts somewhat cheap separately you'll still come away with more money in the bank compared to selling the bike as it is. I wouldn't be surprised if there was an extra $2,000 if you sold the bike stock and the other parts separate.


All of my info is just from looking around at used bikes online (stock bikes and track bikes). It would probably be a good idea to wait for someone who has actually bought / sold their used bikes to answer.

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I can't really tell if putting the bike back to street condition is better than selling it as a track bike, but from what I've seen myself, selling all the trick parts alone will normally fetch you a higher total price, at the cost of doing some extra work and taking some more time selling everything.


I sure know that when I sold my YZF600R back in 2001, I was unable to fetch even a dime extra for the Ohlins rear shock and fork springs.


When I was looking at buying a 'new' trackbike in the winter 2007/2008, it became quite clear to me that the cheapest thing by far was to buy a race bike that was already tricked out. I saved around 35% on buying a tricked-out 1 year old bike, versus buying a new bike and new race fairings and trick parts.


Now, whether the extra income will offset your extra work and time that you have to put into it, is solely up to your decision.




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