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Thank You Css, For Not Crashing

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I'd like to extend a huge thanks to the CSS team for learning me the relaxation skills - that saved me from a front-end low-side crash last week at Anderstorp.


I was riding in the 'B' group (the group just below the racers) during a 3-day trackday last week. On the second day, I was catching up on a slightly slower rider while going into the carousel turn (a 270 degree right-hander, which takes 10-12 seconds to get through). I decided to pass him on the outside simply on cornering speed (I've done that several times before), but when I was about halfway through, the handlebars suddenly started to rock back and forth during the turn!


Instead of having all my SR's firing off and making me do stupid (expensive!) things, I calmly noticed that the front end was shaking and it probably was due to me going right at the edge of what the front tyre could take in terms of speed and lean angle. I also realized that if I hadn't been so relaxed on the handlebars, I probably wouldn't have noticed anything before the front tyre was washing away and sending me down the asphalt!.


I completed the lap without incidents (yes, I did pass the other rider) and went into the pits. When I examined the front tyre, I could see that most of the rubber on edge of the right-hand side was worn away, so it was definitely time to have the tyre changed.


So, I owe a pint to the UK team for saving me from a crash :)




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