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Doing It Right


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Again, Eirik discuss things he knows nothing about - but at least it gives the rest of you a chance to look smart biggrin.gif


Many years ago, I read a little story in Performance Bikes magazine. Big John, an elderly gent with the rag, wrote that Trev - another scribe with the staff - had gone around a track corner for photo shoots hanging off to the max, knee firmly on the ground and everything on the bike decked out. Eventually, he dug down undercarriage hard enough to unload the tyres enough to bring him down. John then went around the same corner at a slightly greater pace (57 vs 54 mph if memory serves) while hanging off little and barely skimming a peg feeler.


I wish I could tell you how he did it, but the article wasn't very clear about that (or I didn't get the message), only that it was better to do it right than wrong tongue.gif


For me personally this information is interesting, that it is possible to go faster with less lean and less hanging off. But it's mostly fun to know about and nothing I am going to practice - I like to throw sparks around corners because perceived speed is more important to me than actual speed. I have more fun feeling fast than being fast.


I'd still like for you to tell me more about how the example above is possible. From what I've read in TWOT2 the most likely difference is that John turned in much quicker than Trev, shorting the corner and requiring less lean in the process, but there could be much more to it.

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Different line could be the cause.


Quicker turn could be the cause.


Different bike, more ground clearance, rearset pegs.


Different body position, one could have been twisted to the max so his butt was dragging but his upperbody still centered.


I'm sure their's more...

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