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Hello Everyone!

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Hey everyone,


Semi new to the forum. So far one post pertaining to a question (no response, but that's ok). But I have yet gone on her to introduce myself (sorry for my rude behavior unsure.gif ), so here goes. I started riding almost four years ago. Had always had the interest but never took the leap til then. I got my first bike which was a cruiser, a 08 Yamaha Raider S. Nice bike, enjoy riding it when I want to go on a nice leasurely ride.


Soon after that though as I would go and visit the local dealerships I found myself wanting a sportbike more and more so I said to myself "hey, why the hell not?" So I eventually got in addition to what I already had, an 08 GSX-R 600. The two styles of bikes are totally on different sides of the spectrum. People ask me (mostly non-riders) why I need two bikes when I can only ride one at a time. They just don't get it...


Anyway, I REALLY want to attend one of the CSS schools, but as I stated in my previous post, logistically because I live up in the NW I find it difficult to head down to California to attend. I know that there are are others on this forum that attend from a lot greater distances than I would so I'm sure people are thinking that if they can then I should be able to as well. My situation is not so much distance as is me being a single father and not being able to have someone watch them.


So there's me in a nutshell. Just wanted to introduce myself. I will continue to be a regular on this forum to soak up as much knowledge about riding as I can from all of you here.


Ride safe everyone



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Hey Darren


Thanks for the welcome. You guys are an awesome resource for all us riders to tap into. Thank you all so much for that.


My question from my previous post was does CSS ever make it up here to the NW? We have Pacific Raceways up here in the Puget Sound area in WA state. Also, Portland International Raceway and Oregon Raceway Park both in Oregon(obviously). Are those ever possible locations CSS would ever consider?





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I would love to go to Sears Point. Was actually the one I would like to go to if the opportunity presented itself. A ride on the Raider would really be nice, but I don't think they make saddlebags big enough for the kiddos. laugh.gif

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