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Jorge Lorenzo Fast In


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Since we're talking about quick turning... isn't it somewhat incompatible with trail braking, which all racers do?


Seems like if you're coming into a corner faster, you would need to brake harder and at the same time you also need to turn quicker, which would seem to increase the chances of tucking the front...?


Also, when coming to the end of a straight and the rearward rider comes out of the draft to take the inside line for passing, isn't he essentially turning earlier? i.e. earlier turn-in point?


If I could add my take...


No, yes/no, and yes. :rolleyes:


when you quick-flick, you're not upsetting the chassis; you're instead, getting the bike turned with the "correct" speed/timing. There's obviously a fine line, but I understand the process as: brakes and gear change, brakes, lean (counter-steer - we don't want the front to tuck under), at the max-lean roll-on the gas to get suspension working right - which takes the load off the front right before there's an issue.


I see stuffing someone as: getting under them with a little lean and once on the 'normal line' flick-it faster; or, diving in sooner, using a different turn-in point but taking a wider exit (to maybe set the next turn up). There's definitely a greater chance of loosing the front due to losing the smooth throttle control, or turn-point causing more of a jerky turn, etc. But if you get on the gas once you're supposed to (which I think is right before max lean angle) to get the weight transferred -- you are okie-dokie. I would also suggest, for us mere mortals, getting to that point tain't easy; if it were, we'd probably have a different career. ;) Remember too, counter-steering.... there are other steps taken which also help mitigate tossin' it away.


Some of the best on-board stuff I've seen is the pros' hand shots. Seeing them grad a handful, roll-on slightly and then pin it, is just awesome. When you are on the brakes or on the throttle, you are controlling the bike's momentum; what's in control if not you... centrifugal / centripetal forces, gravity... what? During my class Keith, and everyone else, stressed if you're not on the gas, you're on the brakes - coasting is where disaster lurks.

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