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New Guy From The Uk

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Hi my name's Steve. Looking at booking into Level 1 (and possibly 2 if funds allow) early next year. Silverstone is just round the corner from me so I won't have far to go. Have been riding about a year and a half and just bought myself a BMW S1000RR which I'm itching to let loose on its natural environment. I've watched the Twist DVD several times now and read through Twist 2 a couple of times, slowly digesting more of it each time.


I've done a couple of track days so far on my old bike, but the combination of squared-off tyres and a lack of real confidence meant that I didn't really get as much out of it as I could have. I've been lurking on the forums for a while and decided it was time to sign up. Really looking forward to doing the course and my ultimate aim would be to see if I can become a coach at some point.

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Hi Steve,


Thanks for your post and your intro, is always great to see new friends and students join in with what goes on in the forum.


Great to hear you've got the DVD, and that you're considering the school, even greater that you aspire to become one of the team and share your learning with others. We're always on the look out for new crew, so when you come and do a school, be sure to tell Andy of your interest in ultimately becoming one of the team, he'll be very interested to hear all about you. It's a great honour to coach and be a member of the team, though be warned it's very addictive and can be very tough work, though of course we all really enjoy it and keep coming back for more.


Have a good look around on the forum and please, ask any questions you'd like to find out further information about, you'll find everyone very accomodating.



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Hey Steve, Welcome!


Shagged tires aren't much fun, I know what you mean.


Great on the books and DVD, it will be a nice prep for the school. Contact those blokes in the UK about being a coach, you could make one of your schools a tryout possibly, but I'll leave that to them. Shoot Andy or Jet an e-mail, they'll get you sorted out.





ps--Jet is the UK Chief Riding Coach, contact him at: john.trotter@btconnect.com

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