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Vision And Srs


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Hey All,


I was/am having some trouble with the dreaded roll-off SR and really looking for a solution. Anyway, while doing the two-step drill I noticed that if I keep my attention out and through the turn I don't get freaked out as much about in too fast, lean angle, going wide etc. And I further noticed that when I don't get freaked about those things, they don't happen. All old news to readers of TOTW2.


Finally the question: Do you have the feeling that you are neglecting the current turn when you are keeping your attention out? I know I have already surveyed the current turn and I know that I should just kind of monitor with my peripheral vision but I feel like I may be missing something important right in front of me.


Another question: Do you also feel less inclined to roll out when you are looking through the turn? I know I do and I think it is because I feel more confident about my eventual destination.


One more: I feel like it takes alot of concentration to keep my attention out - I will slip back into looking directly in front of the bike - espescially when tired. Is this common?





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Mike, not to sound too much like a sales guy, but... :) Have you done level two at the school? The exact problem you?re talking about is addressed :)


In short no I don't feel like I'm neglecting the turn I'm in by looking ahead, but this is a fairly common problem. It all has to do with the way you use your vision. Try this next time you go out for a ride and see if it helps. Think of each turn as a three step visual process. When approaching the turn spot your turn point as early as possible, just before you reach the turn point use the two step and look to your apex spot, turn the bike and then once you feel confident you will hit your apex spot THEN start looking ahead as far as possible.


Yes, if I look through the turn I'm much less inclined to roll out.


Yes, it is common to have you attention zoom in on stuff when you are tired. You have to maintain concentration and that is harder when you?re tired.

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When you say Neglecting the corner do you mean you may want to start making a mid turn correction (big SR no no) or chop the throttle? I think that perhaps the way TOTW 2 deals with this is by asking the question, If you are looking 3 inches infront of your front wheel and a brick wall magically materialized right there..... would there be anything you could do about it? At some point there isn't anything the pilot can do about something on the track. So why look at it, why fret about it, why spend any of your attention budget on it. Even worse is that corner you just finished, why would you think about it, there isn't anything at all you can do about it.


If you keep the picture big, out far, you can see the things with enough time to make a decission and act upon it. Keep the picture big, and you won't need to sweat the small stuff.


You asked if we "feel" like we're neglecting, maybe we all do but the question is does the lap time show it? Run a few looking down at your front tire, run a few pushing the picture out good an far... which ones were faster? Does it matter if you're "neglecting" if your going faster and not feeling so rushed?


The idea of looking where you want to go has alot of merit, looking through the turn moves your attention away from the many attention robbers around your wheels, pegs, etc... so of course when you push the picture out far the "in near" suddenly feels more firm and hooked up. Look far, go far, look down, go down.


Yes, when you're tired you are more likely to revert to the SR's. After all that is what they are, Survival Reactions. As you become physically exhausted, mental exhaustion also occures. It is natural to find yourself slipping back to the normal "reaction" rather then sticking with the proper learned technique. Proper hydration seems to be the biggest key to holding the proper mental state for the longest time. Diet, alcohol/hangover, sleep deprevation are all contributing factors as well.



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Stuman, no sales job required as I am already sold on the value of the school. My budget is tight after two years of contractor rate cuts so I have to save my pennies - I am thinking that the 2 day camp is the best way to go.


Rman, yes I was asking about how you "feel" really to get a gauge of weather the stuff I'm experiencing is common - if it's common the school will have figured out ways to deal with it. If the things I experience are unique or even rare the school would likely not spend time dealing with it.


Guys I ride with often talk as though they always practice standard throttle control - still manage to high-side at the track sometimes though - never feel like they are over their head and can get faster by simply spending more time at the track. I tend to think that thinking about the skills and barriers and then practicing with a purpose is more productive.


I taught computer stuff for many years and found over and over that in just hours we could accomplish what might take weeks of self study or months of undirected experience in a field. Part of the reason we could be effective was because many people will have the same stumbling blocks and we could find different ways of addressing those problems and getting to the ah-ha quicker. I am sure they see the same thing at the Superbike School.

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