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Hi all


Ive been through L1 and L2 of the school on a gsxr 600

Ive now impulse bought a 450 supermoto and will be booking a trackday soon to get a feel for it. I used to race schoolboy motocross from age 9 so have some idea how a bike of this type handles on dirt but I am making notes on a few points for my first outing on the tarmac.


Ive read up on the internet and youtube on riding technique and it seems knee down works for faster corners, leg out for tighter which makes sense.

I'm thinking most L1 and L2 techniques can be used to good effect but if anyone has any specific pointers, tips, or links to good info it would be much appreciated




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Hi Andy,


Good questions. The UK branch did actually run some supermoto schools. Not sure if Bullet was with them on those, but if you don't get an answer on this, remind me (e-mail is fine) and I'll chase Andy Ibbott down.



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Signed up to this excellent resource due to finding this thread..


Very interested in what basics translate and which dont, certainly body position, leg out, etc lead to a very different style.. But would assume most of the braking / line choices / throttle control would be the same.


Perhaps this could be that nudge ;)

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