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Warm Up Lap Weave.....


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I am racing a R6, in a bottom of the heap class, no tyre warmers. I have been doing the counter steer push-push on the bars on the warm up lap before the start (weaving) to try and get abit of heat in the tyres. But I have been told off for being dangerous and that this will only result in a crash and not add any real heat to my tyres at all. True?

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absolutely true (this will not heat up tires).


If you want to get heat in your tires, accellerate HARD, brake HARD. Weaving does absolutely nothing to heat up your tires.


When you see people on TV doing it, they're cleaning the rubber balls off the mid section of the tire.


Used tire warmers are around $200-250. A set of new PDI tirewarmers (www.tirewarmers.com - tell Jim I sent you over) is $300.


Tire warmers were something I "couldn't afford" when I started racing... Race weekend 1 I crashed on cold tires. $300 for tire warmers + $450 in crash damage... Expensive lesson don't you think?

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Same as what the others said, and it has been proven.

I can't remember which magazine did the test, but they did temperature tests on the tyres (sorry, tires) after a warm up lap.

1st test .... weaving - resulted in very minimal heat.

2nd test .... hard accelerating and braking - resulted in good heat

3rd test .... normal cautious lap - resulted in good heat but not as much as 2nd test


Also an interesting thing they noted was that leaving the tyres in direct sunlight (it was a warm day) actually had a better effect than the tyre warmers.

They ended up hotter and kept their heat for longer.


This is what I do - park my bike in the sun so the tyres get as much direct sunlight as they can before I ride.

Works a treat.


If it's a cold day you're stuffed though so I too suggest tyre warmers when you can afford them

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