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Simple Enjoyment Or Good Performance


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  1. 1. Is there a correlation to riding enjoyment and personal performance assessment

    • Yes, they're related- the rise and fall together
    • No relationship- I'd enjoy it no matter how I did on that day

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Hello forum,


I was having a discussion with another rider awhile back and something of the conversation stuck with me and I was interested in the CSS forum opinions.


Do you find that your perception of the enjoyment of your ride is related to your assessment of your own performance? In other words, if you ride well, you feel good about it. If you don't ride well, it doesn't affect your riding enjoyment. Why or why not?


Secondly, if there is an effect (feel good or feel bad), does this feeling further affect your performance?

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When I ride badly - which some will argue is all the time - I slow down. A lot. Sometimes, I can still have fun,just cruising along and enjoying the scenery. At other (most) times, the ride is devoid of any fun at all when I'm having an off day, making mistake upon mistake, missing braking points and lines. But as I said intially, I slow down and if I don't enjoy it I will just turn around and go home if that's an option. If on a several day trip, I slow down and do my best to focus on being smooth in order to arrive safely. Usually, after being careful and focused for some time, I get into the groove again and both fun and skill return.

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Where the hell have you been? Welcome back, at any rate.


I rarely have bad trackdays. I just did level 3 and wasn't happy to start with. I started out sleeping in the cab of my truck the night before, on a track I didn't know. When I was riding out to grid, I started cramping right off the bat. I knew I was going to struggle (I'm bad learning new tracks) a little until the yellow X's came out, but I was having a really hard time with it. It's a real tricky track. By the end of the day I'd picked it up a little and was happy with my progression so it was a good day. I push myself to learn and try new things every trackday, as well as work on drills.


While I am frustrated to have these guys who come in and are faster than me in a few short trackdays during the day, at the end of the day I'm excited with how I progressed in what I'd been working on. I think if I just rode around the track in circles all day that at the end of the day I'd be disappointed with myself.

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Oh, this is a tough one. I have so many bad days when I can hardly move that any day when I feel well enough to ride is a good day. As Eirik says, if I feel bad, I go home. My skill level can drop off quickly, so when something doesn't feel right, it usually means it's time to stop and rest, or turn around and limp home. On the other hand, the things I've learned here about the value of staying relaxed and when to roll on the throttle have helped me ride further with less fatigue, more safety and greater joy. Thanks for that.

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