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Dunlop Sportmax Q2 - How Is Traction In The Rain?

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Hey guys -


I've got CSS scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday(5/9 & 5/10) at Thunderbolt, so of course I'm glued to the weather forecast. Right now, it looks like rain is possible. I'll be using my bike this time around (I used the awesome BMW S1000 3 times last year B) ) and I'm a concerned about traction.


I've got new Dunlop Sportmax Q2's (front and rear) with about 50 miles on them. How are these tires in wet conditions? I know they are not really designed for the rain, but are they excessively slippery?


Thanks for any / all insight!



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Best dual purpose (Dry v Wet) tyre I have used.


Dont stress about the weather or your tyres you will be fine, just focus on yourself and your learning....

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They're all good my friend. take it easy for a few laps until you get some warmth in them, (oddly you can still even in the rain), and you'll be absolutely fine with them. Clearly you cannot get the big lean angles you can in the dry, but you can ride very quickly on them allday, dry or wet.



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