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Anatomy Of Improvement

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Last May I signed up for CSS level 1. I had never been to the track and my motorcycle education consisted of MSF class required to get my license. Even though I had been riding for years I was woefully ignorant of what makes a motorcycle work with it's rider. After taking level 1 I immediately signed up for level 2 in August and last week I completed levels 3 & 4 at the two day camp. I took the advice of many and sprung for the track photos, primarily as trophies (and possibly to impress the occasional young lady should the opportunity present). That said I thought it would be interesting to look at my progress through the levels by comparing pictures of the same turns (I took all 4 levels at Virginia International Raceway).


Here's me at Turn 7:


Level 1:



Level 2



Level 3/4



Turn 5:


Level 2




Level 3&4





I know I am still very much a neophyte in the art of cornering however Keith and crew were able to teach even this old dog a few new tricks. smile.gif

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Yeah looks great, I see you too have noticed that the tank on the S1000RR is perfectly shaped to act as an arm-rest when cornering. I like looking back through my old track photos (even though the oldest are still under a year old) and seeing the improvement I made, I was going round almost vertically thinking I was within millimetres of touching down, funny how your perceptions soon change and you re-adjust once you break down those barriers.

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Thanks guys. Yes there is quite an improvement and I do now feel much more comfortable on the bike. A little education is a powerful thing. I'm looking forward to taking what I have learned and continuing my improvement.


And I did notice the tank arm rest on that S1000RR, once I had that knee planted and stopped riding like a sack of potatoes on the bike. :D


Next up is refining my visual skills. At least that is something I can practice on the road without breaking and (major) laws. And strengthening my thigh muscles, maybe I need a thigh master...

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