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Do Stoplight Changers Work?

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Hey, I keep seeing these gadgets for sale for your motorcycle that are supposed to trip the sensor at a stoplight, so it recognizes there is someone there waiting for the light to change. Since I often get stuck at a left turn light near my house that will never change for me (unless a car pulls up behind me), I'd really like to get one. But I tried one some years back and it didn't seem to work.


Does these things really work? If you have one that works, please post up the name of it, and I'd also be interested to know how and where you mounted it on your bike.

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I don't have personal experience with this but some of the guys I've spoken to about this think the magnetic one that mounts under your bike works. But then that is only for the lights triggered by an inductive loop. The light in my neighborhood I have the most issue with uses some sort of camera (or maybe a laser - not sure but there is no loop in the pavement) and it never recognizes my bike. When I have to use it I treat it like a malfunctioning signal, stop, look, proceed when safe. After all, I'm on a licensed, street-legal vehicle so a properly functioning traffic signal should recognize me right? :unsure:

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