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Fighting The Bike Into The Turn.

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I've watched the Assen GP a couple times now, and while they're trail braking into corners I'm noticing something. I've watched parts to particularly investigate two riders going into turns. Stoner and Dovi. Stoner, even though he's also trail braking, is embracing going into a turn, leaning in and getting the bike over. Dovizioso looks like he's fighting the bike. He appears tense and somewhat stiff armed longer and crossed up. He ends up falling back slowly, not being able to keep Stoner's pace. I'm reminded of this because I'm watching WSBK Aragon and noticed the same thing with Sikes and Lascorz. Lascorz was just stiff armed and crossed up going into turn 1.


Two things come to mind straight away: it puts unnecessary pressure on the front tire and wears it out faster and that little thing also tires the rider quicker during the race, and taking any reserve that might help him at the end of a race if it's a close one.


I was also wondering, even though they're trail braking, whether or not it affects their steering the bike. I kinda figure it only affects them because they have to relax at the end of the steering input while other riders are already in position to relax on the tank and get back on it.

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Interesting observations. I will watch the race again and see if I can spot the same things. My intitial - and speculative - thoughts are pretty close to yours with regard to effect on the rider and the bike.


Digressing slightly, I've often wondered if the top pros are hanging on much tighter to the bars. Witness the relaxed state of their outside leg at full lean, as well as when a rider nearly falls off the bike to the inside - their outside leg completely in the air - but manages to hold the bike and get the leg back on. In such positions it seems highly doubtful they could be gripping with their lower body in any way, so what are they holding on with if not the bars?

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from a hardware setup point of view...


it COULD BE the steering dampers and/or forks on stoner's bike don't set off stiff arm SR's (bike chattering?) ,


allowing more confidence because of more control.





could be rider mistakes too thou.






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